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Ways Can You Start Boosting Your Creativity

When it comes to thinking up new business ideas, or even quicker way to complete a daily chore, there is a range of things you can do. The idea of being more creative might seem a bit daunting, sometimes because we all get comfortable in our own creative space. But if you are looking to go one step further, create something new, put a twist on your current products or even just take a whole new direction, then there are tips that you can make use of right now to boost your creativity. 


It doesn’t matter if you are a terrible sketcher or now, all that matters here is that you try. You don’t need to colour in the lines, in fact, pretended there aren’t any. Doodle and scribble as much and as often as you like. Doodling actually keeps people focused on the task at hand. Many of what people might consider the most significant thinkers, like Steve Jobs, used doodling as a way to kick start their creative thinking. So next time you find yourself struggling with a problem get a piece of paper and pen and see where it takes you. 

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Food & Drink

When it comes to getting creative, you can cook and make tasty drinks that can help you boost your creativity. Many people are micro-dosing with goods from BC bud or creating mellowing teas with CBD. When it comes to cooking when you haven’t created a recipe before, and you have to get stuck in, there is a guide – yes, but you can head off and add more spice when you want to make something more creamy or extra cheesy. New flavours are also a way to release new emotions and ideas. Often people get new ideas for things from travelling, much of that comes from food and drink. 


If you can, create a space in your home that is dedicated to your creative endeavours. It shouldn’t just be a desk and your computer. Think outside the box. Add things like squeezy stress balls, Rubix cubes, colour books, coloured pens and a beanbag. The more relaxed you are, the more creative you will be. Stressed environments will squash the happy vibes that can make you play with ideas and concepts. 


If you have the internet, you can learn anything that you want. From taking language classes to how to make an origami frog. So while it pays to learn something that is related to your business, you should pursue something that isn’t related at all. Learning new things means your brain will automatically make links while you’re not looking. Clever. 

If you are forcing an idea forward, you might find you don’t quite get there. It is better that you hop up, walk around for 5 minutes to half an hour and get a drink of water too. Allow your brain the time to piece some of the puzzles together and hydrate yourself – you’ll find ideas will come forward much easier after a stroll. 

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