Successful And Powerful Women In The World of Gaming

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If you have a passion for gaming then you’ll know that there are many powerful women out there who have helped to make the industry everything that we know and love. If you are interested in finding out more about them or if you want to try and find out who the big stars are in the industry right now, then this is the post for you.

Maria Alegre

Maria Alegre is the founder of the company, Chartboost. She believes that gaming should be more than fun, it is a big business and should be treated as such. She founded the company in 2011 as she wanted to help gaming developers to move beyond mobile games. She found that 10 years later, her company was doing better than ever, and they have been very innovative as well. They have their own unified tool which is known as Helium. This helps developers to maximise the total pricing for their impressions.

Vanessa K Selbst

Vanessa K Selbst has made waves when it comes to games online. She is a very successful poker player and when you break everything down, you will soon see that she is actually the only woman to ever reach the number one rank. This is done on the Global Poker Index, and ever since then, she has experienced nothing but success.

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Tina Amini

It’s very exciting to see that journalists are now getting more and more fame in the gaming industry. It was once a very male dominated field but now things are changing. Tina Amini has been writing about video games ever since the year 2009 and she has worked with venues such as Complex and even Kotaku. She has risen through the ranks and when she got really big in the industry, she was then appointed by IGN as their editor-in-chief. She is a very big fan of GamesBeat and she also frequently speaks at conferences.

Amber Dalton

The people who are drawn to work in the industry of gaming are usually gamers themselves. Not all of them are as hardcore as this woman is though. By day, she is the senior director of Twitch, which is a live streaming gaming service that is owned by Amazon. She brings brands and influencers together and she has also founded the PMS clan as well. She is a competitive gamer with her sister Amy and they like playing intensive games such as Halo and even Gears of War.

Tanya DePass

Tanya DePass is otherwise known as Cypheroftyr. She is a very serious gamer on both tabletop games and in video games. She is the founder of the non-profit organisation I Need Diverse Games as well.  She likes to make sure that more awareness is generated through games and that the industry as a whole is much more diverse. She does this by putting in the work and by ensuring that she works with people to give them more opportunities in the industry as a whole.


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