Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Bed Cover For Your Truck In Canada

truck bed tonneau covers

Bed covers, also known as tonneau covers, help to safeguard your luggage from weather elements and thefts.

Typically, trucks are used for the transport of goods in bulk. The usage of trucks by private owners can be attributed to their spacious passenger seats and capacity to carry more loads compared to typical vehicles.

Just as the usage of trucks increases, the demand for bed covers has also appreciated. The global sale of tonneau covers in 2019 was valued at $862.40 million and is projected to be about $1.4 billion by 2027.

As a truck owner, except if you do not plan to move any stuff around with your ride, a bed cover is important.

The safety of your stuff is dependent on the quality of the bed cover used in your truck. This is why it is essential to consider different factors to determine the best for your purpose.

Advantages of using bed covers

Some of the advantages of bed covers include;

1. Protection from weather elements

The weather can only be predicted but not with certainty. A seven-day forecast is guaranteed to be about 80 percent accurate, while a five-day prediction can be 90 percent accurate. Meanwhile, a ten-day or longer prediction can only be right about 50 percent of the time.

Bed covers can shield your truck contents from weather elements like rain, snow, and dust.

2. Security/Theft

Tonneau covers such as a bed cover for F150 can conceal and protect luggage in a truck. In truth, not all bed covers can protect against hard and sharp objects like knives, but the coverage they provide can at least help keep whatever you are hauling off the eyes of potential thieves.

They can also protect goods from falling off throughout the journey.

3. Enhance the truck’s aesthetics

Bed covers not only provide safety but also enhance the beauty of the truck. Manufacturers provide varying options to choose from, making it easier to settle for the best that suits your truck’s look and personal taste.

4. Fuel efficiency

The use of bed covers in trucks has been reported to reduce fuel consumption by almost 10%.

The science behind this is that tonneau covers can reduce drag. While driving, oncoming air hits the windshield and then transfers to the truck bed, causing a drag.

Bed covers reduce this by significantly decreasing the quantity of air that may hit the tailgate.

5. Increase space

The available space for transporting your load can be expanded with bed covers. Some designs use rails and permit placing items above the bed level.

Things to consider before buying a bed cover for your truck

Before buying a bed cover for your truck, below are some things to consider;


There are different bed covers designed for various purposes. If you are considering a cover for your groceries, a soft cover may be sufficient. For transportation of valuable loads, hard covers may be the best option as they offer superior security features.


There are two major types of bed covers – soft covers and hard covers. Tough vinyl material is used in the making of soft covers. They are durable and can withstand most weather elements but are prone to puncture.

Tougher materials like fiberglass, aluminum, and plastic are used in the making of hard tonneau covers, making them more durable and difficult to damage by thieves.

The only drawback is that they are usually more expensive than soft covers and may not blend with your truck’s aesthetics, unlike most soft tonneau.

truck bed tonneau covers


Check the bed cover you are considering that its specification is compatible with your truck. Flatbed covers, for example, are made to fit specific truck models.

Using a tonneau with specifications that vary from your bed dimensions can make it appear odd, and you do not want your truck looking ugly.

The cover may also be rendered useless because it does not fit. Avoid wasting your money.


Bed covers need cleaning for a better look and longer lifetime. Generally, soft bed covers are easier to clean with a brush. Hard bed covers may need to be lifted off the truck bed for easy cleaning.


Soft bed covers are known to be cheaper than hard tonneau covers. Prices of bed covers in each category also vary. You don’t have to spend beyond your account capability.

Choose a bed cover that suits your purpose and is affordable for your purse.

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