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Always On The Go? 5 Time Savers For Household Tasks

Everyone is aware that household chores take up a lot of time. But thankfully, there are ways you can save time doing tasks at home. If you’re always on the go, you’ll want to check out these five time-saving tips.

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Use a Pickup and Delivery Service for Your Laundry

There’s always laundry to do. And if you have a family, your laundry basket could never get to a point where it’s empty. If you have items of clothing that need to be dry cleaned regularly, you also have to find the time to drop off and pick up your clothes at your local dry cleaner. By using a free dry cleaning and laundry pickup and delivery service, you can save a lot of valuable time. In this modern age, it’s quick and easy to schedule a dry cleaning and laundry pick up by using a mobile app or website. You can even pay online quickly and easily.

Invest in a High-quality Dishwasher

Doing the washing up by hand can take up an enormous amount of time. If you’re always on the go, it is more than worth your while investing in a dishwasher. If you have a large family, you could even invest in two dishwashers. Good quality dishwashers can save time and water, as well as delivering perfectly clean dishes, pots, and pans. By using a dishwasher like the Bosch VarioSpeed, you can even get the washing up completed in half the time of a regular dishwasher.

Get Induction Hobs for Cooking

Cooking can be joyful. But when you’re always on the go, the time-consuming task can eat into your valuable time. Thankfully, many modern stoves and hobs enable you to cook quicker. Induction hobs heat up instantly by using electromagnetic field technology. That means you don’t have to wait for pans to heat up. You can get cooking in a flash. Furthermore, induction hobs are convenient to clean, so you can save time cleaning them as well. They’re also better for the environment because less heat escapes.

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Plan Your Meals

Not only does cooking itself take up time. Coming up with ideas for meals can also bite into your busy schedule, especially if you have a large family to feed. Instead of spending time every day looking in your cupboards trying to decide what to cook for dinner, create a meal plan once a week. You can then get on with the task in hand immediately. You can also save time with meals by cooking large batches and refrigerating portions for later use.

Avoid Defrosting

Defrosting a refrigerator or freezer can be a grueling task that takes up a lot of time. But there are now innovative products that save you from the time and effort of defrosting. Some appliances have simple defrost functions that clear ice build-ups in as little as five minutes. So, by investing in fridges and freezers with defrost technology, you’ll no longer have to spend your Sunday afternoons unpacking your appliances and mopping up water.

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