Why Should You Use Bookaway For Booking Online Tickets In Thailand

The world tourism market has been witnessing phenomenal growth over the past few decades. It is in fact currently amongst the fastest growing sectors in the global economy. Considering the constant rise in the travel trend across the world, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a good number of travel booking portals have also been launched over the years.

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People are becoming more quality and price conscious these days and always go online to compare travel options, prices and locations available to them. In fact, statistics reveal that apart from the United States, Southeast Asia, China and United Kingdom are also rapidly emerging as important travel hubs today. Considering all these factors, it is only the most reliable and reputed booking portals that can survive the cutting-edge competition, and Bookaway is definitely one of them. Tourists and travellers in all parts of the world, including Thailand, are constantly on the lookout for hassle-free transportation mediums and this is where Bookaway Thailand comes to their help. Let’s now tell you about some important reasons why you should use Bookaway for booking online tickets in Thailand.

Easy to navigate and simple website

Some booking portals have a tendency to become confusing and complicated for the travellers. However, no such confusion exists at the Bookaway website as you are presented with a clutter-free interface, which is easy to follow even for the people who are making online booking for the very first time. Owing to this reason and more detailed below, Bookaway service has been found to be amongst the best ones to help you get around in different parts of the world.

Easily manageable bookings

Bookaway offers an efficient platform that provides hassle-free modification and cancellation of the bookings. The travellers needn’t be worried about the changes as they are pretty easy to make. You always receive a refund in case of cancellations. However, please note cancellations are available only 48 hours prior to the departure time. You simply need to provide your email ID and booking reference number to manage your bookings.

Covers all major and remote routes

It’s often difficult for the travellers to arrange transport in the remote areas. However, Bookaway makes it possible for you to travel to even the remotest of locations with easily available and reliable transport options. Regardless of the place you want to visit and the transport mode you require, Bookaway goes out of their way to find you a convenient transport option, meeting your requirements.

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24 x 7 customer service

Bookaway’s customer service team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. There are not many travel booking platforms which can boast of such service. What sets Bookaway apart is also how their representatives go out of the way to be of assistance to the customers. Once you interact with their reps it becomes clear that Bookaway invests a lot of resources to ensure that their customers get the best experience.

Convenient hotel drop-offs and pickups

Bookaway service doesn’t just stop at the booking process, the clients can also avail their convenient drop-off and pickup services. The customers are provided the exact time and location for their pickup and hence they don’t need to worry about reaching their ride in time.

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