Visiting Old Montreal? Here Are A Few Things You Should Know

Old Montreal is a great place to visit and it offers unique, vibrant nightlife. The area is a mish-mash of breathtaking architectural works, imposing buildings, well-maintained streets, and a feel of the French culture and style in every corner. If you plan to visit Old Montreal, the following tips will make your stay more interesting and comfortable.

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It is more of a summer than winter destination

Over the winters, Montreal gets very cold with loads of snow and ice. This explains why most people prefer visiting Old Montreal over the summer rather than during the winter.

You will notice that only a small portion of shops and restaurants are open over November all the way to mid March. You can still take advantage of the low tourist season over winter, brave the challenges and enjoy Quebec’s winter traditions and low cost.

You don’t have to know French

Old Montreal receives visitors from across the globe. In fact, in all seasons, tourists in Old Montreal outnumber the locals. As such, shops and restaurant attendants are conversant with English, which can make your stay less stressful and more comfortable. However, there is no harm in learning basic French and make your stay in Montreal even more interesting.

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Tourist traps abound

When visiting Montreal, you will notice that the city has some feel of authenticity unlike any other place in the world. However, if it is your first time visiting and you are not familiar with the different neighborhoods, you may encounter some challenges navigating the city. Do not be deceived by mere looks and beautifully sculptured hotels, they may lack real quality in terms of food, accommodation and entertainment options. Ask around or read information on where to dine first instead of randomly picking a place and end up disappointed.

You may also want to be careful when buying items from the street artists as there are very many in Montreal. Make sure you look at works of art from different vendors before making a purchase decision. Prices can vary hugely from one seller to the next. You will be surprised to know that most sellers are not the actual artists.

Winter-time activities

There are many things you can do indoors while staying in Montreal. Irrespective of your age and interests, you will find something to keep everyone entertained and happy. Children can enjoy watching some engaging performances in The Centaur Theatre. Winter also comes with Montreal en Lumière Festival which offers unique gastronomic experiences.

Meanwhile, adults can visit the famous Casino de Montréal, which has a wide selection of card games like blackjack and poker, but also offers free shows and has a bar and restaurant. You can train in one of the many online casinos if you’ve never stepped in a real casino before. If you want to assess a casino’s reputation, always do your research first. Just like when choosing a hotel, you may want to look at issues of licensing, security, reputation and payment methods before settling down on the platform to use.

old montreal
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Next time you are planning a vacation, you may want to consider Montreal. The city offers a combination of beauty and great nightlife. Traveling over summer may make your stay more exciting, but Montreal has a lot to offer even in winter. As noted, you do not need to learn French to visit Montreal.

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