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7 Ways To Calm Your Mind When Anxiety Strikes Again

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Anxiety, a term so dreaded that some people avoid even thinking about it. Yes, life gives us lemons but, whether to make lemonade out of it or sit with it and cry is our choice.

Mental health is of utmost importance to lead a healthy life, and anxiety is undoubtedly its worst foe. But knowing how to calm ourselves, is a trick that we can all learn to adapt.

If you feel anxiety is getting the better of you, here’s what you can do to beat it.

1. Admit that you are feeling anxious

You have to acknowledge that you are anxious, and it is only bolstering your anger. People in denial often face difficulty in coping with anxiety attacks. You are your best teacher. So, allow yourself to express your emotions fully; only then will you be able to calm yourself down.

2. Regulate your breathing

Anxiety attacks will alter your breathing pattern and heart rate. So, the first thing you can do is concentrate on your breathing pattern. Inhale and exhale slowly. Feel that the air around you is instilled with positivity, and make your mind believe that you are breathing out all the negativity in your life.

3. Try to let go of the anger and thoughts that make you anxious

To do this, you can go out for a brisk walk or jogging maybe. Physical activity will help you concentrate on yourself and not on the negative thoughts that are bothering you. Plus, workout sessions release endorphins in the body that make you happy.

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4. Spend some alone time and do what you like

Grab a book, sit down and start reading, or listen to music, paint, sing, dance, do whatever that makes you happy. Do not just sit and sulk. Stop fanning your anxiety. Always remember that all of us are fighting adversities of some kind or the other in our lives. Your problems are not big enough to hamper your health. So, be a little rational gradually you will overcome the negative thoughts that are inducing anxiety attacks.

5. Try to relax your muscles

The muscles may get all tensed, and it increases the uncomfortable feeling when you are already suffering from a nasty anxiety attack. You have to practice the art of relaxing your muscles only then will you be able to calm down really quickly. Yoga has a viable solution for you: try to practice “Savasana”.

6. Provide your body with proper nourishment

You have to keep your body hydrated and stomach full to practice the aforementioned techniques. Sometimes eating delectable food can release anxiety. It might sound strange but, try it, you will get positive results.

7. Essential oils, acupuncture, and massage can be of great help

Certain essential oils and massaging the acupressure points can release anxiety. The best part is you can massage the acupressure point whenever you feel like, and get rid of anxiety immediately.

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Follow the above tips and say bye to anxiety attacks. Take a break and chill!

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