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What Is Aydat (And Who Manages Residential Complexes In Turkey)?

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If you have ever thought about buying property in Turkey, or have already become the proud owner of an apartment by the sea, then you probably know the word “aydat” – the monthly payment for the maintenance of the complex. But where does this or that amount come from, who calculates how much each family should contribute, and who monitors expenses? Let’s figure it out.

What does aydat consist of?

Aydat is a payment for the maintenance of the complex. To be more precise, for the use of all the amenities that are on the territory: a swimming pool, a gym, a sauna, a Turkish hammam, and so on. The more extensive the infrastructure of the complex, the larger its territory, the higher the amount of aydat.

Aydat usually includes:

  • Concierge services
  • Security of the complex, including CCTV cameras
  • Cleaning of entrances and territory
  • Garbage removal
  • Territory lighting
  • Elevator service
  • Maintenance of playgrounds

From the amount of the aydat, the salary is also paid to the personnel involved in the maintenance of the residential facility.

How the aydat is calculated

All of the above items of expenditure are added up, resulting in an amount that is then divided by the number of apartments in the complex. The final figure will be the aydat. All owners of apartments in the complex are obliged to pay aydat, even if they spend only a couple of months a year in their own apartments by the sea.

What will happen if you do not pay the aydat?

  1. Firstly, if residents stop paying aydat on time, then the staff will not get the salary. This means that the guards, gardeners, maids may refuse to do their job. And without proper maintenance, the complex will be in a deplorable state.
  2. Secondly, there will be nothing to pay for electricity and water. Accordingly, it will be possible to forget about clean water in the pools, lighting in the complex, and so on.

If the owner does not pay the aydat for several months, the management company has the right to hire a lawyer and sue the defaulter.

Who is involved in the maintenance of the complex

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The first two years after the commissioning of the property the management of the residential complex is performed by a construction company, but after this period all responsibilities are shifted onto the owners. The owners of apartments in the complex must create a so-called “committee of residents”, and each of the owners has the right to vote. However, the owners may transfer the ruling to the management company, which will deal with the following:

  • Hire staff who will be involved in the maintenance of the complex
  • Pay bills
  • Help solve real estate problems
  • Monitor the condition of swimming pools, gardens, and other infrastructure amenities

At the end of each year, the management company at a meeting must report to the tenants on the work done and the expenditure of funds. If the property owners consider the quality of the work unsatisfactory, they have the right to refuse the services of the management company and choose a new manager.

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