What Is A PST Extension File And Why Do People Need It?

You opened this page because you found a file with a .pst extension on your computer. It can run only in few programs. So what is it exactly, and which programs will be needed to open it?

PST files contain data and were created with Microsoft Outlook, the e-mail software, calendar and personal information manager. You can learn more in depth what is .pst if you click on the link, then you’ll understand how to deal with them. Though, people use them most often as an application for e-mails.


These are some of their additional elements:

  • notes
  • calendar
  • log
  • contact manager
  • task manager

pst file

File with PST extension has a limit of 2 GB. When it approaches the volume limit, its usage begins to affect the performance of the corresponding Microsoft program. Because of this limitation, they can be the cause of the slowdown of Outlook (if they are too big). Microsoft has Exchange 2000 Tool: PST2GB program that can reduce the size of such file. But this utility can cut it – this means that some information can be lost, so you must first copy and save your data.

PST files can also serve only for storing data, and not media or documents, so you don’t need to view them at all – they won’t show anything.

How can you open a .pst file?

It’s very simple – just click the one you want to open. If you have the needed application, your file will be opened at once. However, in some cases, it will not, if the associations of your files have the wrong configuration. In this case, you will have to associate it in the right way yourself. Choose the proper application and set it in the configuration. From that time when you decide to open this kind of file, the correct application will be automatically chosen. And if you don’t have a suitable application, buy or download it, and you will be able to open any .pst files that come into your life.

Connection to Microsoft Outlook

PST files belong to the category of Data files. Their full name is Outlook Personal Information Store Files. Microsoft created this format. Since these data are usually used in Microsoft Outlook and Exchange programs for e-mails, they not only can store personal information but also send/receive messages and conduct business / personal correspondence using POP3 servers. They store data related to e-mail addresses, folders, contact information, e-mail messages, and other stored information.

Outlook Express does not use PST extension files, but it can import PST data using its import function. Apple users can use the special PST Tool for Entourage to import the data into Entourage.

Sometimes extensions may seem strange and scary, but so are all new things. If you learn how to deal with them, they won’t look horrific anymore. The more extensions you get to know, the more interesting they get.

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