Why Should Businesses Make Their Sites Available On Different Platforms?

Following the rise of the digital era, more people are now online, and, as a result, there is a greater scope for business development and growth. Due to the increased accessibility that surrounds the online world, attracting and retaining a wide consumer base is now a real possibility.

With that in mind, we’re going to consider why businesses should ensure that their sites are available across a range of platforms, along with also assessing whether an app is better than a compatible mobile website.

Why is it so Important?

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One of the most important reasons as to why businesses should make their websites available across different platforms relates to increased visibility. At present, approximately 42 per cent of the world’s population are online, and with over 3 billion people to potentially attract, being available across a range of platforms has never been more important. Through making your website accessible on PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices, it doesn’t matter what platform any prospective customer favors because they are likely to find your business regardless.

Alongside the importance of visibility is the potential to generate more sales. Rather simply, if larger quantities of people that make up your target market can view your products and services on a platform of their choice, then it provides them with the ability to make a purchase. With Apple, Huawei and Samsung utilizing different software, varied platform implementation is central with the market being largely split between Android and iOS. Moreover, if prospective consumers can conveniently access your website while outside of the house, then there is no geographical limitation on their purchasing power.

Furthermore, fewer limitations on availability are also important for search engine optimization purposes. SEO, as it’s often referred to, relates to increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website and this can be achieved by, for example, using keywords to boost online performance. Through diverse platform accessibility, there is the potential for vast numbers of people to visit your website, and thus your business is more likely to appear in one of the top positions in any Google search. In turn, this will generate a higher quality of traffic. Ultimately, good SEO can help to put you ahead of any competition, as the search engine optimized website is likely to have more customers and crucially make more sales.

Is an App Better than a Mobile Version?

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With nearly three billion smartphones in use worldwide, applications can be a vital tool when seeking business growth. One of the biggest benefits of smartphone apps is notifications. Once downloaded, many contemporary apps look to keep the user informed through generating timely notifications when there are, for example, new promotions or offers. Unlike emails and text messages, push notifications are considered as being a less intrusive alternative to other methods of engagement.

Furthermore, and rather crucially in cases whereby the website includes numerous interactive features, an app is likely to be faster as it eradicates the need to go through a traditional web browser. For markets such as the online casino sector, which focuses heavily on interactive features, it’s better to have an app as it offers a quicker and more convenient approach to gaming. At Betway Casino, the platform offers mobile roulette, along with a range of other mobile games, which can be conveniently enjoyed through an app on Android and iOS devices.

Aside from online casinos, apps have also been the favored approach within many other industries. General Motors, which is run by Mary Berra, offers a ‘My Vauxhall’ app which is a one-stop application for managing everything to do with your car. Additionally, in the social media and technology sectors, Facebook has reached new heights since Sheryl Sanberg become the chief operating officer, while Meg Whitman, who previously worked for eBay and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has seen both corporations grow through introducing mobile apps.

Additionally, YouTube, and more specifically, its app, has become central to the future of the entertainment industry following its creation by Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen in 2005. Similarly, Amazon and Instagram have also reached new heights through a mobile-friendly application after being founded by Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger and Jeff Bezos respectively.

There are Many Reasons

From greater visibility to increased sales and a more competitive SEO, there are many reasons why businesses should make their websites available across a range of different platforms. With business growth a real possibility, branching out and being easily accessible across all devices is central to future growth.

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