Must-Read Tips On Rekindling Friendships

Friendships are precious, with most of our stronger ones even dating as far back as school days. Some friends continue living in the same town, making it possible for them to often do things together. The pace and way of the world today results with many friendships challenged by people moving and living in other countries and not maintaining any contact. Another reason for a lack of contact may be fallout over some trivial matter you now regret but are not sure of how to rectify.

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Make a point of reconnecting

Nobody really enjoys doing activities on their own and even though time may be limited, making a point to reconnect with pals you seldom see, catch up on news and doing activities together will be gratifying for both of you. Arranging to see a movie or a play together or simply meeting for a cup of coffee now and then, is a good way for keeping a friendship alive.

Keep in contact online

Modern times have introduced us to the internet, meaning there are many things you can participate in together with friends online, which is great news for those friendships that are being tested by distance. Still, as Wired notes, 34 million Americans work from home. If that many people can efficiently work remotely, you can certainly keep a friendship alive remotely if you put some effort into it.

Social media is definitely a blessing for friends living far away from each other because it means that you aren’t only able to chat but also share your news as well as do things together in a virtual setting. You can always shoot a tweet opening your heart or share a memory on your Facebook timeline tagging your lost friend. A surprise invitation for playing a match of Pool on Facebook or other multiplayer games could be an excellent idea. You can even go further editing a video dedicating it to your lost friend and post it on your Youtube channel. But online interaction does not have to be limited to social media either. It really depends on your interests. If you recall the days when you’d visit the casino with your friend fondly, you can play online casino games together. There are many choices, for instance. if you choose to play Party Casino Canada games, you can virtually spin slots and play blackjack together, also taking advantage of the $500 welcome bonus available through

Reach out to long lost friends

Another way to rekindle friendships is by remembering special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Sending a card by post or e-mail is a message that is always appreciated by the receiver. Skype, WhatsApp and the rest of the messaging app elites will help you if you prefer more modern ways to chat, also allowing for short video messages. Nowadays, you can also livestream parts of your life to groups of friends, through apps such as Periscope and Facebook live. Your friends will enjoy hearing (and seeing) what you have been up to. It is okay to talk about things that happened in the past. Try not to dwell on these too much though, otherwise the conversation may become boring. Keep the tone light and friendly when you first make contact. If your friends live far enough to be in a different time zone or all the way across the world, you’ll want to make use of a meeting/calendar app which speaks to each user based on their time zone, calculating the difference automatically.

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Be there for friends who need help

Helping a friend you haven’t seen for a while but you hear is in need is a considerate and kind gesture and a sure way to rekindle an old friendship. In general, there is often an avoidance of people when they need things done for them.

There are a lot of important reasons for friendships and it is well worth all the effort it may take to keep them strong and forever lasting. Social connections, according to a study conducted at the University of Chicago, are better for both our emotional and our physical health. It can be daunting to reach out to a long-lost pal sometimes, but it’s well worth the effort – even if it doesn’t eventually work out.

These few tips will get you started on helping to rekindle the friendships that you may have lost and it shouldn’t take long before you and your friends will start creating new experiences and memories.

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