Top 4 Points to Discuss Before Receiving Dental Sedation

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You need some dental work done that will require the use of sedation. Whether you’ve been sedated before or this is your first time, it pays to talk about a few things first. The team at the dental office in Markham, ON will be happy to answer your questions and concerns, and ensure you feel comfortable proceeding with the work.

The Medications You Take

Since the procedure will call for using some form of Markham sedation, it’s important to talk about all the medications you take. This is not limited to prescription medicines. If your doctor also has you taking any type of over the counter medication, that needs to be mentioned as well.

If you are also taking any type of nutritional or herbal supplements, mention them to the dental team. The goal is to determine if any of those product have sedative qualities. It may be that you need to avoid them the day before the procedure and not resume using them until at least 24 hours after the dental work is complete.

For example, a person who is currently taking anti-anxiety medication would need to mention this to the dental team. The dental professional will likely recommend that you not take the medication for at least 12 hours prior to the procedure. You would also want to avoid taking the medication until the effects of the sedation had worn off completely.

How You React to Sedation in General

If you have been sedated in the past, mention how you reacted. Perhaps the sedation left you with an unsettled stomach or you experienced an extremely dry mouth for a day or two. Maybe it took some doing for you to wake up after being sedated. All of this type of information will help the team at the dental office in Markham, ON to know what to expect and prepare accordingly. That includes making sure someone is there to give you something to settle your stomach or to provide something to help counteract the dryness.

What You Will Experience While You Are Sedated

People who have never been sedated wonder if they will remember anything. Even if you are not completely put to sleep, you are highly unlikely to be aware of what’s happening during the procedure or have any memories of it later. Most patients who receive Markham sedation remember the initial administration and then become aware again after the dental work is done.

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Why You Need Someone to Drive You Home

Even though you will be conscious before the team at the dental office in Markham, ON allows you to leave, you are still feeling the effects of the sedation. Your responses are slow and that means you should not be behind the wheel. That’s why you need a friend or relative to come with you to the clinic and be prepared to drive you home afterward. In a few hours, the effects will wear off completely and your responses will be back to normal.

Remember that a patient who receives Markham sedation is monitored closely at all times. Doing so ensures that you are not in pain during the procedure and that the discomfort is kept to a minimum in the hours after the work is completed.

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