5 Tips From Game Theory To Help You Avoid Mistakes

Game theory can help you think strategically, predict the course of events, win quests, and get bank loans, even if you have bad credit. This is a new field of science and many people don’t pay enough attention to it. Or they don’t give it enough credit. Ironically, it may help in numerous everyday situations.

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You might think that it is effective only when you apply it to actual casino games. Even though it might be helpful and you can try it on, there are various other situations that you most likely face in life.

1. Dating game

In each situation, we adhere to a certain strategy. This usually happens unconsciously, hence the frequent mistakes. You can avoid them if you learn to guess the actions of another person.

Take dating, for example. We all choose one main strategy: we try to hide negative traits and show positive ones. Such a strategy is, rather, not a lie, but a reticence.

What to do

Consider not only your actions but also the reactions of other people. Ask yourself more often: how can one interpret my act? Advice specifically for men: explain your actions and remember that any misunderstanding is a reason for your partner to imagine things. Strategic thinking is not only mathematics but also psychology!

2. Game for 100 points

Riddles, quests, tests for intelligence and logic will cease to be a problem after studying game theory. You will learn how to search for all the existing answer options and choose the most suitable one among them.

What to do

In your reasoning, rely not only on logic but also on life circumstances. Remember: not everything that is logical for you is also logical for another. Involve friends and family in thinking games more often. This will allow you to understand how people close to you think, and avoid difficult situations in the future.

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3. Auction game

There are different types of auctions. For example, there is a so-called English auction. Its scheme is simple: the winner is the one who offers the highest amount for the exposed lot. Usually, a minimum step is set for raising the price, otherwise, there are no restrictions.

What to do

There are games like an auction that you only have to play with your head. Decide in advance on your tactics and think about the maximum amount you are willing to pay per lot. Give yourself your word not to exceed the limit. This step will help you cope with the excitement if it suddenly overtakes you.

4. Playing in an impersonal market

An impersonal market is banks, insurance companies, contractors, consulates. In general, those participants in the game that do not have names and surnames. They are impersonal, but it is a mistake to think that the rules of game theory do not apply to them.

What to do

When you do business with impersonal players, always remember that there are personalities behind them. Figure out how to draw your opponents into the game and set your own rules.

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