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7 Bikinis That You’ll Want To Try This Summer

What we love most about summer is not the beautiful weather, the delicious margaritas or the crackling smell of the barbeque – no, we love BIKINIS. Bikinis have made their comeback within the last few years, and we are happy to report that they are here to stay. Bikinis are made in all shapes and sizes, and there are endless amounts of different varieties to choose from. Here’s a list of our favourite top 7 bikinis for you to feel confident all summer long.

1. Triangl’s Ollie – Twiggy Stardust Neoprene Bikini

This booming Aussie brand of bikinis has recently blown up in the bathing suit market. We all know them for their stunning and amazingly flattering lines of fun colours and smooth neoprene materials. Who needs a LBD when you can have a LBB (little black bikini)?

triangl black bikini

This summer, I had the pleasure of going to Cuba and Mexico – promptly after I made a gigantic dent in my credit card buying nine new bikinis. In my defence, the last time I bought new swimwear was probably about five years ago. So, it was time to spruce up my swimsuit collection. Here’s a pic of me in Talum, Mexico, enjoying the warm sun in my very own black Triangl best friend:char black bikini

2. Victoria’s Secret – One Shoulder Triangle

The land of pink frills and glamorous bras: we are talking about Victoria’s Secret, of course. While yes, this bikini might leave you with an interesting tan line, this is a sacrifice we are willing to make for such a unique look. Plus, tan line tattoos are all the rave this summer!

VS bikini

3. ASOS – Diamond Weave Wire Bikini

If Megan Trainor is all about that bass, we are all about that high waisted bikini bottom. This gorgeous blue and black palette would look absolutely magical on anyone. Little peek-a-boo cutouts offer an “I’m a great time!” vibe, which we definitely are not hating.

asos bikini

4. Forever 21 – Floral Zigzag Crisscross Swimsuit

Not only is this bikini quite the steal, it offers an amazing design that is bound to turn a few heads on the beach. The Aztec style and colours of this swimsuit offers a playful look to a dazzling piece of swimwear.

forever 21 bikini

5. American Apparel – US Flag Print One Piece

You don’t have to be that patriotic to rock an American flag full piece. Especially to all of us friendly Canadians out there, this becomes more of a trend than a flag stamped on our body. Who loves this country? We do! (We are secretly hoping for a Canadian flag edition – American Apparel, get on that, would you?)

AA bikini

6. H&M – High Waisted Tropical Bikini

Every girl needs a tropical swimsuit. It’s practically the laws of summer. No need to hop on a plane to Cancun, though, feel free to wear this beauty anywhere, any day of the week. Padded tops make this extremely flattering, so if you take more selfies than usual while wearing this one, we wouldn’t blame you!

h and m bikini

Here’s my version of the tropical bikini. A little tip from me to you on tanning successfully with a beautiful, but intricately made piece: wear this one on a not-so-sunny day. The first day we got to Mexico, the weather was on and off, which convinced me that this was the day to wear this one. For maximum tanning (with proper sunscreen protection, of course!), do not wear this on a full sun day. Trust me, the tan lines are only funny for a night of two before regret, regret, regret!

char bikini tropical

7. NastyGal – White Mesh Bikini Set

White is the new black. Wearing white swimwear is a sure way to make you look twice as tan, even if all you’ve been doing lately is watching reruns of Modern Family. The intricate detailing of this particular bikini looks almost too pretty to wear. Almost.

nastygal bikini

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