A Great Big World: Meet The Band Behind The Catchy Single “Say Something”

Their music has been heard on popular TV shows including Glee, The Amazing Race and So You Think You Can Dance, but the band AA Great Big World Great Big World is most recognized for their collaboration with superstar Christina Aguilera on their hit single “Say Something.”

The band’s name comes from a lyric from one of their newer songs, “Cheer Up.” Ian describes the name as “a positive statement and it’s what our music is all about.” It helps the guys feel like their opportunities are endless. The name was chosen in 2012, even though they had already built a loyal fan base. With the support of these fans, the band was able to raise enough money through the crowd funding website Kickstarter and release an EP featuring both new and old songs.

Relatively new to superstardom, the duo’s big break came as a bit of a shock to members Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino. After their song was featured on So You Think You Can Dance, the band was contacted by Christina Aguilera to do a rerecording featuring her on the track. They accepted and became instant stars. “Both of us haven’t had any time to process this. Everything has been exponentially fast and it seems like once we got that phone call about Christina, our lives changed forever,” says Ian.

Although most well-known for their one song, fans new and old can expand their playlists with music from the bands first full-length album, Is There Anybody Out There? released this past winter through Epic Records. Listeners can expect upbeat and positive music taking them on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the tracks. “I’m excited for people to know that I sing too,” Chad laughs.

Throughout this life-changing experience, Ian has learned a lot about himself and offers advice to aspiring artists. “The biggest thing that I’m learning is that the things I thought were so ugly about myself are actually the most beautiful things about me,” he says, “Know you’re awesome and that the more of yourself that you show, the more people are going to connect.”

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