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Great Activities To Enjoy As A Couple This Summer

Summer is popularly known as the season of love. The longer days, warmer weather and school being out, turns this season into the most romantic time of the year. Many couples set time aside for merrymaking and bonding over the summer time. However, just because you want to profess your love to your partner doesn’t mean you break the bank doing it. The Canadian Tire Flyer has got you covered this summer with the best deals for items to help ensure a great summer time.

Although there is a lot to be said about the other seasons, summer brings out the magic in us. Below are some few amazing activities that a couple can indulge in this summer;

BBQs and bonfires


Summer is the best time for barbecues and bonfires for all. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to have an amazing fun night. A summer without sitting around a fire with family and friends is not a summer worth remembering. A proper BBQ would normally includes a large grill, plenty of meat to go round and delicious accompaniments. The Summer Wow Guide is the perfect place to source a good grill worthy of these summer festivities. For dessert, marshmallow roasted over an open fire is a sweet like no other. For music lovers and poetry fanatics, this is the time to pop on a playlist and recite those lines.

Frozen treats at the beach

frozen treats fruit

Summer and Ice cream go hand in hand. There are plenty of ice cream parlors and cafes that offer this treats at very affordable rates. In case the budget is tight, a couple can make these frozen treats at home. Simply pour some Kool-Aid in an ice tray, add a spoon as a holder, pop them in the freezer for a few short hours and voila!

You are in luck if you live near a beach during the summer time. The beach draws different people from all corners of the state. The different cultures, languages, fashion trends and behaviours leaves many in awe.

Summer Picnics

summer picnic couple

Eating out every week can be an expensive exercise to do for a couple. This summer, pack a picnic basket instead. It cannot get much easier and cheaper than this yet so intimate and romantic. Simply get a thick blanket, a few pillows, some candles and plenty of food and off to a secluded spot either by a lake or in a park. If you want to forgo the hustle of going food shopping in the market, you can easily buy online.

Don’t forget to bring your favorite bottle of wine, wine glasses and an opener for an extra special evening. There is something about eating in the free open air that makes food taste richer and fresher.

Rent a jet ski

jet ski

Jet skiing is a current trend and more and more people are excited to engage in this water sport. Summer time is the best time to hype your adrenaline and exercise those muscles. A wild ride on a Jet Ski offers an adventurous heart pounding activity that you and your loved one can share. Jet Ski rentals can be quite expensive so it’s better to do it with your loved one and split the cost.

Star gazing

star gazing couple hammock

The peak of summer time is enjoying the star filled sky on a clear summer night. There is nothing that spells rest and relaxation more than star gazing. It may be difficult to enjoy the stars if you lie in the city due to light pollution but this gives another excuse for a road trip to the countryside. Just hop in the car and drive far away from the city, find a spot in an open field and wait for the splendid night.

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