Some Advice On Getting Over Heartbreak

When a relationship ends it’s often a bit messy, no matter who has ended the relationship.

Emotions are flying around, friends are gossiping and everything feels a bit unsettled for a while. Ideally, you should both have some space, sort out your differences and move on. But that’s not always easy – especially if you have broken up with him and he’s asking for another chance. On the flip side, if he’s broken up with you, then you will be feeling all sorts of emotions.

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But When is it Clearly Over?

If your relationship has been tricky from the start, then realise it’s unlikely to ever get better in the long run. If you argued a lot, then you may just be too different to ever reach reasonable compromises. If you’re finding yourself already flirting with other men, then you know now he was probably not the one for you. If life feels much better and you feel much happier since you have split, then it sounds like it was for the best. If it feels like a relief to you but he’s undecided, avoid getting back together because you feel guilty. Everyone feels lonely when they first split up from a partner, it’s normal – and you’ll get used to it. Get out with your friends, socialise, relax and have time to yourself.

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On the Fence

If you’ve recently broken up with your boyfriend and you’re in turmoil as to whether to get back with him, then you have a lot of thinking to do. On the one hand, should you get back with someone who has made you unhappy – on the other hand, maybe this temporary breakup will help you to both recognise your faults and work together to reach a compromise for the future. If your gut feeling is that there’s a deeper connection, that he’s your soulmate and you’re meant to be together, perhaps psychic or tarot readings may help you to make up your mind. Readings are often particularly good at helping people to make decisions about relationships and can predict future love. It’s not easy sitting on the fence and your fear may be that he will move on if you don’t make your mind up soon.

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Getting Over Heartbreak

It’s difficult for anyone to get over heartbreak, especially if your partner was the one to end the relationship. Sometimes things are just not meant to be and although that won’t really help how you’re feeling, you should realise that as time passes, you will start to understand it. Relationships break up for all sorts of reasons, falling out of love, too many differences, meeting someone else – they are all hurtful and all take time to get past. The best way to get over heartbreak is by giving yourself healing time, time to be with your friends, get out and play some sports, make special ‘me time’ and lots of good plans to look forward to. How you’re feeling today won’t necessarily be how you’re feeling tomorrow, next week or next month. Heartbreak heals with time.

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