Amazing Anniversary Gift Ideas For Every Year

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Anniversaries may make you feel under pressure to do something amazing to mark the date, but doing something as simple as having a meal together and remembering the day you met, got engaged, married, or celebrated your partnership, can be a way of reminding yourself why you fell in love at the start.

The tradition of giving a specific gift on specific anniversaries dates back to the Middle Ages. Over the years the list of gift ideas has evolved to meet more modern standards and can be found at While many couples like to come up with their own gift ideas each year sometimes it’s fun to follow the traditional or modern gift suggestions, even loosely. Here are some of our amazing anniversary gift ideas that you can use for every year.

A dream date

Organize a date at the place where you first met, or the place where you first went on a date. Take her to this place on your anniversary day.  Add some extra touches to create new memories. It will need some planning, particularly if you have children and pets that you either take with you or arrange care for in the time you’ll be away, but it will truly be worth the work. Take a picnic to the park, visit an art gallery, go to a concert, have a meal at the new restaurant across town that you’ve been meaning to visit or book a night at a hotel and leave the real world worries behind you.


Many couples commemorate their wedding anniversary with special anniversary rings. These can be personalized to fit their personal style or to match their wedding and engagement rings. You can choose stones in the colours, like jade stone, that are representative of your anniversary for a more elaborate anniversary ring.

If you want to exchange anniversary rings, surprise your beloved with a silver anniversary on your first anniversary year, a rose-gold anniversary band on the second, a gold anniversary band on the third, and so on. You can create your own jewellery designs which include sentimental engravings or contain a special meaning to you both. You can also consider gemstones, which can be linked in with the traditional stone specific to each anniversary. You could combine with this a 3-stone, 6-stone or 9-stone pendant or earrings to mark the years. In this way, you will be creating your own statement look from the jewellery you have gained over your time together.


Red Roses symbolize the deep emotions of love, longing or desire, and can also be used to convey respect, admiration or devotion. Cut flowers don’t last long, so consider a rose bush that you can plant in the garden. Another idea is to choose a rose that has been perfectly preserved that will last forever.  The colour of roses have meaning so you can choose the most appropriate. Yellow roses express joy and warmth and orange roses passion and energy. Pink roses convey admiration, joy and gratitude and lavender roses enchantment and “love at first sight”. Purple roses express fascination and adoration, whilst blue roses represent the mysterious. Green roses symbolize wishes for a prosperous new life or wishes for recovery of good health. Soon, you’ll have a mixed bouquet of colour and emotion for all your future anniversaries.

Love Letter Roses

The written word

Heartfelt and sincere anniversary wishes can be some of the most touching and memorable of all gifts. Sit down and reflect on your time together, recall the good memories, think about everything your spouse or partner does for you, the qualities you most admire in them. You can make this into a song, write a poem or design a card. Of course, it can sometimes be hard to come up with the right words to express what is in your heart. So, you could also turn to an online collection for inspiration.


Your anniversary is about how you make your partner feel, it is not just about a gift. This is the time to show your love and appreciation.  Take your time and prepare a special meal with your favourite dishes. If you’re not much of a chef, have a look at video tutorials and recipe books for guidance and be sure that the efforts you have made will be very much appreciated, even if it the dish doesn’t look like the one shown on film or in the book.

Gift Basket

Get a container and fill it with items that you know they love.  This container could be a trug if your partner is a gardener or a toolbox if they’re a keen DIYer.  Add a box of their favourite chocolate or a slab of their favourite cheese. Decorate with beautiful flowers, perhaps using the flowers that represent each years anniversary. Add in a handwritten love letter, even if your writings a bit of a scrawl, add tickets to the theatre or cinema or a promise to have a Netflix binge together one afternoon with movies you’ve saved. Add music, an offer of a massage, a scented candle or vouchers for shopping at their favourite store. You can also fill the basket any of the suggestions on the official anniversary gift ideas list. If it’s the first anniversary add the new book from their favourite author. If it’s your third (or ninth) anniversary, make sure the book is bound in leather.

Photographic memories

Collect together all the photos from the last year where you have enjoyed great moments together. Design a slide show with a love song in the background.  If it’s your early anniversary, choose together the best wedding photo you have of the two of you and have that put on canvas to hang on a wall at home. Alternatively, go online and create your own photobook of your year.  Do this every anniversary and you’ll have a collection of photos that you and your family will look forward to viewing in the years ahead.

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