The Antarctic Is A Trip Of A Lifetime

antarctica antarctic trip

Imagine a trip to a beautiful and serene polar desert that rarely sees visitors where you can get a look at gorgeous creatures that you usually watch on TV. Imagine a journey to a land so exceptional that every visit is unique and special in its own way.

Well, this is not science fiction and it’s certainly not a journey to another planet. You can have such a unique experience on planet Earth when you go to the White Continent with the right expedition team.

With the leader in polar adventures, Quark Expeditions, you can have a memorable Antarctic expedition — that starts from Ushuaia, Argentina, and takes you to the Antarctic Peninsula and back.

What’s in Ushuaia, Argentina?

Ushuaia, Argentina, is a delightful port town at South America’s tip. Here, you can start your day with delicious fresh fish and seafood, including the South Atlantic King Crab, mussels, and cod, before you explore the beautiful snow-capped Martial Range.

By afternoon, enjoy shopping at many fun duty-free shops. Later for a snack, devourer some delicious, handcrafted chocolate at a café in town.

Finally, get ready for embarkation day!

A Luxurious Ship

There’s nothing wrong with travelling in luxury, especially on a long voyage. Your ship, with sophisticated cabins, great views, spacious common spaces, a club lounge, and a fabulous restaurant, is the height of luxury.

Whether you want to soak in the atmosphere on the Observation Lounge, get a little closer to the action on the Sun Deck, or relax with a good read in the ship’s library, the vessel has what you need.

Antarctic Peninsula

As you cross the Drake Passage excitedly with your fellow adventurers, you’re briefed on the adventure by your experienced hosts. Finally, you reach the Antarctic Peninsula, and you must lift your jaw off the floor.

Your surroundings are stunning. It’s no wonder that many explorers before you in generations past fought their way to come here. Every day you explore local bays, channels and landing sites in Zodiac excursions.

Beautiful Creatures

antarctica seal

There’s nothing quite like seeing seals in their element, undisturbed by humanity.

  • Weddell seals: These seals spend most of their time under the Antarctic ice, where they find plenty of food. However, the seals do surface regularly. You may, on rare occasions, see the seal chase and kill a penguin on the ice if it’s famishing.
  • Fur seal: Although fur seals look like sea lions because of their dense fur, muscular bodies, and ability to walk on all fours, they’re seals. These exciting creatures are a sight to behold in the wild.
  • Leopard seals: One of the largest beings in the Antarctic, these predators use their strong jaws and sharp teeth to feed on creatures below and above water.

Besides seals, you may also see curious whales like orcas, humpbacks, and fins while on your Zodiac cruise. Of course, Antarctica’s main creature attraction is the many species of adorable and social penguins.

As you go on this carefully curated adventure and see the planet’s most magnificent creatures and landscapes in a tranquil surrounding, you’ll be glad that you didn’t hesitate to book your trip.

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