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10 Benefits Of Rowing For Your Health


Over the last few years people have become more concerned about their health and wellbeing. We are constantly being told we need to have a healthy lifestyle in order to feel well and be happy. Clubs and sports centre around the world offer a great range of physical activities, from indoor classes like yoga to more outdoorsy ones, like sailing. Definitely, rowing is one of the most complete activities.

Whether you do it outdoors on a real boat, or if you use a simulator at a gym or at home, the effects of rowing on our bodies are amazing. First, it is one of the most calming sports. It allows you to relax and connect to your inner self. In addition, it is a very complete activity as most of the muscles in your body are put into action. Once you learn the proper techniques, you can start benefiting from it.

How is rowing good for you?

According to scientists, rowing builds full body strength and has many other benefits to your health:

#1 Makes you burn calories faster

Rowing is one of the activities that make you burn calories faster. In fact, scientists at Harvard believe  that an hour of rowing can make a person burn up to 600 calories. That’s an amazing rate compared to other activities.

#2 Enhances your cardiorespiratory capacity

Rowers have better lung capacity as this sport trains the body to pump oxygen faster to the blood and the rest of the body. If you don’t have much time to exercise, make sure you do at least 30 minutes of a complete activity like rowing. Keeping a fit heart can prevent any cardiomyopathy.

#3 It’s no impact

Other sports, like running and boxing, have a high impact on your bones and joints. Rowing, on the other hand, does not. When you practice this sport you exercise many muscles (from your legs, back and arms) with minimum impact. The rowing stroke is safe and, when done properly, there is no room for injuries found in other sports.

#4 Makes you lose weight fast

Rowing is one of the few aerobic activities that make you lose weight fast. In fact, rowers burn more calories than runners along the same distance.

#5 Keeps your heart healthy

As it involves the use of many muscle groups in a regular manner, rowing is great for cardiovascular training.

#6 Gives you strength

When you become stronger, you help your body take the pressure from bones and joints to your muscles. Rowers exercise their quadriceps so they have stronger legs and knees. They also have more resistant hips as they use their flexors all the time.

#7 It’s relaxing

Everyone who has ever rowed has asserted this: rowing is a relaxing activity. Whether you are outdoor in the water or at the comfort of your home, this rhythmic activity is a good way to release stress.

#8 Gives you balance

As you have to learn to make different movements at the same time, your muscles will be trained to follow certain rhythm and keep balance. This will translate to your everyday life so you will be better at doing other activities, too.

#9 Keeps your joints healthy

In most sports people end up with injuries on their joints, either for doing it wrong or for over exercising. Rowing, on the other hand, is a great experience for your body. As you row all your muscles and joints loosen and you feel better.

#10 You use your whole body

As we explained before, rowers use all their muscles: hamstrings, back, gluteal muscles, biceps and calves.

What are ergometers?

There are indoor rowing machines that simulate the traction created by the paddles in the water. They allow you to train anywhere and provide you with the same benefits as outdoor rowing. Certainly, rowers are a great option for people who have no time or money to buy a boat and row in the outdoors.

Without any doubt rowing is the most complete exercise. Whether you do it outdoors or if you buy a rowing machine, make sure you exercise at least half an hour a day so that your body gets used to this rhythmic activity. It will help you stay healthy and feel much better. If you need some extra motivation to workout set yourself some goals and keep track of your progress. You will love the results.

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