What Are The Best Meal Delivery Services For Dogs

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Pets, just like humans, deserve the best care and a healthy lifestyle. Food forms a big part of a dog’s life for a healthy lifestyle and long life.

It is imperative to feed your dogs the best meals. However, sometimes you cannot prepare your dog a homemade meal. In that case, you can seek dog meal delivery services.

So, what are the best meal delivery services for dogs that you and your pooch can benefit from? Read today’s article to find out. Key aspects to consider include quality ingredients, delivery frequency, and service trial.

Pet Plate

Pet Plate is a U.S. subscription-based company that focuses on home delivery dog food service. To date, it has produced over 15,000,000 meals for dog pets across the United States, making it a trendy and favorable brand among customers.

Pet Plate offers a tailored, nutritionally balanced diet supplying your dog with all necessary minerals and vitamins it requires for good growth and development. Pet Plate puts your dog’s safety first since it is produced in USDA inspected facility while adhering to AAFCO Dog Food Nutrition Profiles.

For new customers, you can access the Topper Plan that allows you to get 25% of the quantity. In terms of price, it will cost $10 for your small dog and $20 per day for your big dog. Finally, to spice things up for you, if you are a loyal customer and bring in new customers, you qualify for Pet Plate’s Referral program, where you get discounts and cashback credits to your Pet Plate account.

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Nom Nom

Nom Nom is another excellent dog food home delivery service that offers you high-quality dog meals. It adheres to the AAFCO standards ensuring they produce nutritionally balanced whole meals for your dog. The dog meal is prepared in small batches to the exact calories to meet your dog’s nutritional body requirements.

On delivery, the company gives you the option to select your delivery timelines. You have the opportunity to choose weekly, two weeks, or monthly deliveries providing you the flexibility you need in terms of money. If you are a new customer, the company gives you a Two-week trial to sample Nom Nom products and assess the quality and overall customer service. On top of that, you can qualify for a 20% discount on your first offer.

The Farmer’s Dog

Are you looking for the best online dog meal delivery service that has your dog’s interest at heart? Subscribe to Farmer’s Dog meal delivery service. The company prides itself on delivering high-quality and safe dog meals as per AAFCO and USDA standards.

The meals are made from simple recipes comprising veggies and human-grade meat pre-made and pre-portioned per your dog’s profile. The Farmer’s Dog has no preservatives and label ticks meaning what you see on TV or billboards is what you will get.

The frequency of delivery is anywhere between two and 12 weeks, with the price starting from $15 based on your dog’s profile. New customers get 60% for their first order.


Ollie dog food is another popular dog meal delivery service. The meal caters to both your dog’s individual needs and diet. Furthermore, the meals are packaged in recommended portions based on your dog’s age, weight, and overall health. The foods are a mix of human-grade meat, supplements, and vegetables.

On pricing and frequency, you get two options, meal deliveries that are biweekly or monthly, with prices ranging from $10 to $45. However, the price is determined by the information you offer about your dog and the recipes you select. You get to receive 50% off your first order of both dog food and dog treats for new customers.  Upon delivery, store the meal in a freezer to retain its freshness.

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Spot and Tango

With the growing number of green-conscious consumers, many companies are opting to produce organic products. Spot and Tango is the perfect meal delivery service if you want your dog to consume fresh and organic meals. The meals do not have preservatives or artificial additives and are formulated by veterinary nutritionists.

Furthermore, they come in pre-portioned packaging based on your dog’s healthy lifestyle, age, and weight. The dog meal is delivered frozen, and all you need to do is defrost and warm it up before serving your dog. If you are a new customer, you will get 50% off on your first order with a two-week trial to access the meal. Should it not meet your standard, you will be refunded your money back.  Delivery is made every week with a minimum price of $2 per meal based on your dog’s profile.

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