Best Types Of Work From Home Jobs For Pregnant Women

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As an expectant mother, you may now have to stay at home while you are nearing your due date, and even well after you give birth to your baby. If you are used to working in an office, this big switch can make you bored and restless. To solve this, one of your best solutions is to work from home!

To help you find one, here’s a list of jobs for the pregnant work from home moms:

Freelance or content writer

If you are the type who enjoys writing about, then this first work opportunity is an excellent choice. There are numerous companies all over the world that are now in search of remote content or freelance writers. As a content writer, you will be given topics for you to write about. For every blog that you submit, you earn an income.


In line with the first job as a content writer, you can also work as a blogger. All you have to do is open a blog and start writing about anything that interests you. The great thing about blogging, too, is that you can continue this even as you get back to your day job—if you will even get back to it.

If you don’t enjoy writing but love taking videos, then you can vlog instead. Vlogging is similar to blogging, but instead of using written words, you are taking videos of your daily life, or any topics or requests that your viewers and followers may have. Numerous women have gotten into vlogging as well, as it can be quite a lucrative source of income.

With blogging and vlogging, you are able to create that delicate balance in your life by earning while doing something that you truly enjoy.

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Private tutor

Another attractive work-from-home opportunity for mothers is in becoming a private tutor. You can master online teaching jobs with ease. Online training will always be relevant and therefore you can earn without leaving your home. Particularly in Asia, there are Chinese, Japanese, and Korean companies that are hiring online English tutors. If you search well enough, you will also find numerous other tutorial opportunities for other subjects and languages that you are well versed in. You are paid for every hour that you teach.

Virtual assistant.

Working as a virtual assistant means that you are an assistant to your boss, but you are doing tasks remotely. A bulk of your job will involve doing administrative or secretarial duties such as setting up meetings, completing reports, or replying to emails. This kind of job is perfect for expectant mothers who already have excellent computer and office skills, perhaps from the previous post you held before your pregnancy.


Apart from keeping yourself busy, working from home while you are pregnant is also an excellent way for you to earn an additional income. Giving birth to a new baby is quite costly, and wouldn’t it be lovely to have some extra cash to buy all those cute baby clothes and gear? With this list of work opportunities, all you’ve got to do now is start your application process.

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