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Black Widow Pays Tribute To Women’s Empowerment In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Black Widow

Being among the leading advocates for equality among all people, Marvel Cinematic Universe has themed some movies specifically for women’s empowerment. Hence, plots to showcase the uplifting of the normally diminished society members get brought up. Since the human-mutant conflict in X-Men, this has been the case to create the most powerful avenger – Captain Marvel – as a woman.

Black Widow is a Marvel superhero franchise featuring Scarlett Johansson as the hero. She is a consistent heroine with even a major role among the Avengers. Her character role influences viewers as she gets plotted to show that even women can achieve anything no matter how difficult. The movie has an outright theme for women’s empowerment.

To trace back the prolonged MCU campaign on equality, one has to watch Marvel movies in order to single out the themes driving the plot or those getting advocated for. For example, MCU did a great job with Black Widow on women’s empowerment compared to even Captain Marvel.

People were obviously on them after releasing Captain Marvel, and most criticized the extent of women’s empowerment, claiming it was only to silence prior critics. Having another theme such as the first and this time even more outgoing shows that empowerment is a core value and not just to silence critics.   This theme gets seen in some aspects like:

Main characters are women

Unlike most Marvel movies, the plot’s main protagonist is Scarlet Johansson playing Natasha Romanoff. Her closest combat partner in the movie is her almost estranged sister. They get off on a rough note but love each other. The plot has them on a mission to save the girls and end the Red Room. However, the man behind it thinks he has viable reasons to own the women kept there.

The only man in the plot with a top role is the humour figure dad to the two super sisters who keep in check the viewer’s mood by pulling off childish stunts. The majority of the cast are women. It showcases their domination when rightly motivated or with a course to fulfil. It is a significant step in women’s empowerment, unlike older movies where women were objectified.

The assassin army is a women-only league that gets trained exclusively to be efficient in their tasks. They showcase prowess in their tactics for fighting and delivering what they set out for. In the end, when they are free from Dreykov’s control, there is a possibility that most are changed at heart to do good. Yelena might be branded their new leader due to her exposure to the outside world than the other girls.

Black Widow

The storyline’s theme is women’s empowerment

The storyline has no apocalyptic approach to the world ending, and her heroism has to be put on the line for a course to save the whole world. Instead, it focuses on a different approach that depicts the two powerful women as heroes who will free other women from their previous victims.

The plot then shows what they get subjected to, emulating some real-world situations where women get treated as property or tools. The girls are taken from their homes at young ages, trained for combat specifically to kill, and then brainwashed to work for the Red Room boss. They get sent out on missions that influence world peace in a way or another.

The adversary, Dreykov, is convinced that there are too many women in the world and because they are under-utilized, he gives them a course of action. Instead, this involves denying them their free will but subjecting them to his.

The powerful women, Natasha and Yelena, pursue Dreykov on a mission to end his operation. That, however, portrays the power women have to fight against their oppression.

The two sisters still make good superheroes even though they do not have any powers. Their fighting action perfectly matches their personality and significantly represents their power despite having no special abilities. As a result, women get empowered to do a great job reaching incredible levels even with themselves to depend on.

Costumes are decent

Unlike usual women costumes in movies that brand them mostly as bikini models, the women starring in the film are nowhere close. They are costumes customized for flexibility and give them the movement space they need. They are athletic instead of exposed. This decent code ensures the women have not been sexualized but rather commended as fitness advocates.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to live up to professional core values in promoting equality. Black Widow was one of the most notable movies with a theme of women’s empowerment. It was well presented, and the theme is not hard to identify after watching the movie. Essential aspects that advocate against women getting looked down on are well presented.

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