Body Language: Top Job Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid

bad body language job interview

From a survey of 2000 bosses comes more information you wish you’d known before your job interview.

33% of bosses (interviewers) know within the first 90 seconds if they will hire the interviewee.

Here are the most common non-verbal mistakes made at a job interview.

67% – Failure to make eye contact

38% – No smile

33% – Poor posture (slouch, etc.)

21% – Playing with hair or touching face

21% – Crossing arms over chest (confrontational posture)

9% – Making too many hand gestures

26% – Making a weak handshake

33% – Fidgeting too much

47% – Little or no knowledge about the company. While not a body language mistake we needed to mention this as it can really be damaging to your prospects. Employers need to know you are actually serious and sharp enough to do your homework about their company before you take up their valuable time. It’s rare anyone will want you on their team if you don’t show an interest in or respect for their team.

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