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Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Hits The Streets In “Need For Speed”


Switching Breaking Bad’s infamous RV for a Mustang, Aaron Paul takes on the lead role of Tobey Marshall, a talented but financially starving mechanic who’s struggling to keep afloat the garage he inherited from his late father. Along with a special skill for customizing fast cars, Tobey’s also talented behind the wheel and earns money on the side by competing in illegal street races.

He soon finds himself unwillingly helping out a rival Dino Brewster, played by Dominic Cooper, who challenges Tobey to a fatal race. In order to save himself and avoid jail time, Dino frames a grieving Tobey who’s put behind bars and blamed for the accident.

Two years later, he’s finally released and there’s only one thing on his mind: revenge. The only way to clear his name and prove that Dino framed him is to win a high stakes and secretive race that happens to be taking place in California. And so he, along with sassy British car dealer Julia Maddon (played by Imogen Poots) and his friends make the cross-country road trip.

Disney’s latest film is sure to satisfy fans of The Fast and The Furious franchise with its abundance of envy-inducing, expensive, good looking and fast cars, as well as its action-filled plot. But Need For Speed brings a refreshingly realistic view of street racing, with practical effects done by stunt drivers and absolutely no computer-generated imagery. And much like the videogame series it takes its name from, there are many shots that will have you feeling like you’re in the car yourself.

Aaron Paul walks the red carpet in Toronto at the Need For Speed Premiere

Here’s the run down:

Action: Street races, police chases and epic car crashes that end in flames: Need For Speed stays true to the genre.

Adventure: When you’re an ex-convict breaking parole and travelling across the country, it’s bound to be an exciting though risky time. Viewers are taken from New York City, to a pit stop in Detroit, to the Colorado River, before finally reaching California.

Comedy: While Tobey is mostly serious and focused on his sole mission for revenge, his comrades provide more than enough comedic relief throughout the film, including the eccentric pilot Benny (Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi) and smart-talking youngster Pete (Harrison Gilbertson).  And it’s hard not to break into laughter when there’s a job resignation that involves stripping off clothes

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The NEED FOR SPEED trailer. Check it out!

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