Britain Is Customizing 5G For The Countryside

In 2016, the British government showed a development plan of rolling out new technology of wireless communications called 5G. Since that time, leading British telecommunication operators began to develop their capabilities and made it possible to cover huge cities with new technology. Vodafone was first to launch testing version of the 5th generation network in Salford. Business clients of seven UK cities received access to the net respectively.

cellphone outside 5g

Overall, British operators paid almost £ 1.4 billion for a 5G frequency spectrum at auction. In order to recoup these expenditures, they need to pursue consumers in the possibilities that the new technology promises. While traditional telecom firms use accustomed and reliable sip trunk, 5G operators will show tricks to convince everyone of perfection and the uniqueness of the offered services.

Hologram Call Is Real

Vodafone had already made the first holographic call.  The hologram of Manchester City captain Steph Houghton appeared in Newbury to give football tips 11-year-old girl. What advantages give 5G to clients?

  1. Faster internet access: data transfer in 5th generation networks exceed 4G in 100 times;
  2. New smartphones supporting relevant frequency: Samsung and Apple announced plans to release 5G Phones in 2019;
  3. Competitive proposals: British companies, including Vodafone and EE, have set the technology in big cities. At the same time, Cisco is testing 5 G in the rural area.

Rural Revolution

Cisco and the Scottish University of Strathclyde started the 5G “RuralFirst” project for the governmental money. The huge testing polygon is being built in the Orkney Islands.

greenhouse farm

In rural areas, people could hardly estimate the speed of 4G. The 5 G “RuralFirst” consortium of 29 companies are going to solve the problem, and intends to conduct “the most ambitious test in the world for 5 G in the countryside”. It might show how high-speed networks can transform agriculture.

Now there are several 5G places on this territory, which are considered to test opportunities of technology. One of the main alternatives involves the creation of fully managed agricultural areas using the “hands-free” concept. It includes testing autonomous tractors for 24h work, a remote monitoring system for salmon fishing and another 13 different technologies. Additionally, the project will test 5 G for the renewable energy industry.

Pay More – Get More

“Britons can expect more fast and reliable services. We are striving to guarantee the constant connection to 4G, 5G or wi-fi,” said Marc Allera from BT. Allera remarked that users will “pay a little more” for 5G because the speed and quality of the connection will be better.

By the mid of 2019, 5G will be established in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, etc. By the end of 2019, the network speed will be increased up to 10 gigabytes per second. The following 10 cities will be Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, and so on. Other British operators are testing 5 G to provide excellent services next year.

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