Business Is Booming For Online Gaming: Canadian Company Betting On Success


Although many businesses across a wide range of industries and sectors have been struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen millions across the world consigned to their homes in a bid to curb the spread of the virus, there are a number of industries that have managed to thrive in these difficult conditions.

The online casino and gambling industry is one such example. It has proved to be surprisingly resilient despite the onset of an economic downturn triggered by the pandemic. With government lockdown orders being issued by governments across the world, more users than ever are heading online as a way of spending time in social isolation.

In this environment, companies such as Netflix and Amazon have been posting record-breaking earnings reports, with millions of users flocking to the platforms. This is no different for online casinos.  OnlineCasinoListings.com ‘s Martin Macdonald reports a marked uptick in the number of users looking for online casinos where they can satisfy that gaming urge. “With brick-and-mortar casinos having been closed down for so long, and reopening later than anyone could have expected, online casino traffic has increased considerably,” Macdonald says.

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One Canadian company that is banking on this trend continuing is i3 Interactive, a full-service digital performance marketing company that specialises in influencer marketing strategies. It combines digital markets, data and analytics experts, designers, strategists and online influences to deliver high-impact marketing strategies.

The latest offering from i3 Interactive is Blitzbet, a free-to-play online sportsbook and casino. Blitzbet is entering into the market hoping to offer a unique combination of sports betting, casino games, and a platform that combines live sports with expert commentary. Blitzbet will provide users with instant access to live betting markets on the major North American and international sports leagues, as well as live betting on hundreds of casino games.

To launch the new platform, Blitzbet has partnered with Dan Bilzerian, a highly influential poker pro and social media influencer. Blitzbet is hoping to leverage Bilzerian’s staggering 52 million social media followers to launch the platform, which makes this arguably one of the most highly publicised product launches of all time.


The presence of Bilzerian could be just the boost that i3 Interactive needs to successfully launch this dynamic new betting platform, and in a recent interview, CEO Chris Neville set out why the Bilzerian match-up could be so significant.

According to Neville, direct influencer marketing is proving to be the most effective form of marketing in the online era, with influencers able to secure conversion rates on advertised products that far exceed traditional marketing strategies – particularly when you compare them on a cost-per-dollar ratio. With this in mind, the 52 million social media followers of Bilzerian could make the Blitzbet product launch one of the biggest in the history of online casino gaming.

In total, the online gambling market is worth about $1bn annually out of a global market worth close to $60bn. Just how much of this market Blitzbet will be able to secure, however, remains to be seen.

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