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Canadian Actress Martha MacIsaac Is Making Her Mark

Martha MacIsaac

Starlet Martha MacIsaac is making her mark in the US (which, in the film industry, means you’re doing alright). Since starring opposite TV mom Kelly Rowan (The OC) in the made for television movie God’s Country, the Canadian actress has continued her path to success. MacIsaac’s career began when she landed the title role in CBC’s movie Emily of New Moon.

Having grabbed the attention of her Northern audience, she’s now catching the eye of southern admirers. MacIsaac’s busy summer included three consecutive productions for the SoulPepper Theatre Company in Toronto. If that isn’t exciting enough for the PEI native, she also stars in the comedy Superbad (think Napoleon Dynamite meets American Pie) with a cast that include the soon-to-be-huge Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and the awesome Emma Stone.

Martha MacIsaac

Writen by Faze’s Melissa Loomans

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