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Chatting With Canadian Actress Sara Canning

As a young Canadian star, Sara Canning is certainly making her mark in the TV industry. Starring as Jenna, the protective aunt in the new hit series The Vampire Diaries, Sara has shown her spirit as an actress by playing a character much older than herself, which she admitted was a trying task.

She tells Faze, “Right off the bat I had to find a way to connect with her that was still relatable to me—I’m pretty young to be playing the aunt on the show.
I really just looked at the struggle she was going through.” That struggle for Jenna is her sudden parental role for newly orphaned niece and nephew Elena and Jeremy. Though not a parent in real life, Sara can identify with that moment in life, which everyone has, where there’s a sudden realization of the job or goal at hand.

For Sara, that moment was moving out at 19 to pursue acting. “For me, that was really being thrown into the world. [I thought]: this is what I’ve chosen to do with my life. And I’m going to make it happen. I’m going to make it work… I think for Jenna, it’s her niece and nephew. That sort of put everything into perspective for her. She has these two lives that she’s responsible for.”

Aside from playing Jenna in The Vampire Diaries, you can also catch Sara in a starring role in Black Field—a gothic film which recently premiered at the Vancouver film festival.

Sara Canning

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