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Cara Delevingne Discusses Her Scary Photoshoot With A Lion

Cara Delevingne Lion Photoshoot Tag Heuer

Other than an über-cool style and beautiful features, Cara’s “love me or hate me” attitude is just one of many reasons why we adore her. She’s badass, often sarcastic, opinionated, and fearless, which is clearly why watch company TAG Heuer picked her up as a brand ambassador. For the latest marketing campaign called ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure,’ Delevingne and TAG Heuer wanted to create something a little different and more authentic than other brands, which is how they got a real lion (definitely not photoshopped) standing just behind the world-famous model.

Cara Delevingne Lion Photoshoot Tag Heuer

She might have a lion tattoo on her finger and taken other photos with a lion cub, but this campaign was nothing like Cara had ever experienced before. In an interview with, she explains that the intense situation of the photoshoot was exactly what ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ is all about. Traveling to South Africa for the images, Cara worked with acclaimed photographer David Yarrow, but don’t worry, there was also a lion tamer on-set! Cara says:

“I was so focused and I understood the dangers of it. It’s certainly not something that’s recommended, especially when everyone else on the shoot is in a cage and I was the only one out there with the lion. I had my back turned to him, with a piece of food dangling above my head. When the lion would come close, I’d run into my cage. I had to put all my trust in David telling me to run.”

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the incredible photoshoot with the lion.

The final images are interesting, not least because of the lion just behind Cara, but due to the fact that she isn’t even pictured wearing the watch at all.  However, this was apparently on purpose, as the brand wanted to focus more on the reckless and fun spirit of Cara and appeal to a younger generation with such a famous face. It must be working, too, as Cara’s watch of choice – the Carrera – is top of the page on the Tag Heuer section of Chrono24. Watches, it seems, are still relevant in the age of smartphones, which is something that Cara wholeheartedly agrees with:

“Weirdly, with age, I feel like I’ve been more and more on time. I hope that Tag helps me do that, with a watch on my wrist—and a really beautiful one, at that. Obviously we have the time on our phones, but there’s something about watches that I think will stay. Newspapers and magazines have kind of gone out, because of the digital age, but there’s something about watches that will never get old.”

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