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Fashionably Celebrating Ladies Day 2018 At Aintree

Aintree Ladies Day Horse Racing Grand National

It’s not just a regular day, it’s indeed a fabulous day! We are talking about Ladies Day at Aintree´s Grand National Festival horse races. A few steps away from the horses and more into fashion, women attend this special event in which the ladies open their dressers and show Britain’s best looks for a racing day.

There’s even a contest amongst the ladies attending, and also for the blokes trying to leave a mark with their best clover. The best outfit will be determined by a group of judges that walk in the crowd almost invisible, taking notes, asking for the official photo of that girl and earning her the right to be called the Queen of the Ladies Day at Grand National (also known as Style Award). Of course, there’s also a cash prize and some other great gifts in this fun and exciting outdoors day.

Even when the races are important for all the fans, the eyeballs are on those refined and beautiful ladies that wear their best to impress but also to amaze. Even the first comers are in their best clover for the day and closing evening. It’s a way to celebrate the racing tracks tradition, using the outfits that were used at the beginning of the horse races in Aintree, since 1839.

But this tradition also applies at Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot’s and Yorkshire Ebor Ladies Days. As these festivals are before the Grand National, most women attending use the videos of those attending to inspire their outfits, jewels and everything that would shine on the racetrack side skirt.

Aintree Ladies Day Horse Racing Grand National

Dress code

The organizers say that the only clothing forbidden is sports outfits, also applying for those attending on trainers, tracksuits, and even fancy dresses. In general, it´s like dressing for a really classy outdoor party, but remember that it isn´t an excuse to look bad.

Hats are an option, as you might see that in almost all pictures women are wearing it. Of course, if you plan to attend for the first time, you should wear one. In terms of looks, a good racing day hat is a good way to style and really complete an outfit. Some women use extravagant hats made out of feathers and jewels as they know a majestic head cover is a great way to call the judges on you.

aintree Ladies Day Horse Racing Grand National

Ladies Day Horse Racing Grand National

Ladies Day Horse Racing Grand National

Races and tickets

The Grand National Festival is an annual three day horse racing festival, with day two being Ladies Day. While the official racecard is yet to be announced, the event opens to the public at 10:30am and the first race is set for 1:30pm, with the last one starting at 5:30. Most of the best seats are reserved but you can always find some great spots in the regular seats and enjoy the show. In addition to showing off your outfit and hat, you can attend and get in the betting spirit of it all, and see you can boost your income for the week, and with some help of the experts of williamhill you can even maybe head home with a full purse.

There are drinks and much more happening for women to have a great day and enjoy the horse races as has been the tradition for generations in England. Put on some of your favourites from your wardrobe, find some good accessories and dress to kill, take no prisoners ladies!

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