Changes In Women’s Spending Habits Over The Last 40 Years

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Women have been spending their money in certain ways for many years. With the male-dominated society came certain aspects of female spending that were geared towards male desires. As greater levels of equality became a reality, so did a change in spending habits. We’ve looked at how things have changed over time.


There was a time when gambling was solely the domain of men. Casinos might have women guests, but they were just there to accompany the men and they very rarely took part in any gambling. That has changed over the years and now women gamble just as much as men. With online casinos and the latest slot sites, women have access to gambling more than ever before.

They also have their own money, due to more women having a career. As such, spending money on gambling is now something women can enjoy. While some would still prefer to avoid casinos and sportsbooks in real life, due to old fashioned attitudes still prevailing in some of these places, the online sphere has opened this world to everyone.

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In the past, women went shopping for two main reasons. To buy food for the home or to buy products that would help with the preparation and clean-up of food in the home. There may have been some other reasons at play in certain situations, but these were the two main options. Fortunately, things have changed for the better.

Now women go shopping for one main reason, themselves. Whether it’s to buy a book by their favorite author or to choose some summer clothes or to buy a new car, women can spend their money how they want. Shopping may still have the stereotype in place that women purely do it to buy shoes and dresses, but the reality is that this isn’t the case. Women go shopping for a whole host of different reasons and it can be to buy pretty much anything they want these days.

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Women are buying their own homes these days, something that was almost impossible 40 years ago. While there is still a gap in terms of men to women buying houses, the number of women buying houses has grown significantly over the years.

Many of the reasons for this are due to the gender pay gap slowly closing, not quite fast enough, but that’s a conversation for another time. It means that women finally have the financial clout behind them to be able to buy their own home. The ascension of more women to positions of power has also had an impact on the world of business. There are far more female executives in the world today than there were 40 years ago. More and more women are spending their money on houses, and that is truly a fantastic development over the last 40 years.

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