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Chatting With the Stars Of TV’s “The Next Step”

There’s a new show dancing its way onto Family Channel. The Next Step follows a troupe of elite dancers preparing for the competition season at their studio. Drama arises as a new girl steps in, threatening the current dance captain.

The Next Step TV

Faze caught up with some of the cast members Victoria Baldasarra, Alexandra Beaton, Jordan Clark and Lamar Johnson to learn more about the show.

Who is your character on the show?

Victoria: My character is Michelle. She’s the new girl on the show. She’s from Wisconsin and she was dance captain at her old studio, which is a big threat to the current dance captain Emily, because everything is run by her and she doesn’t want anything being shaken up.

Alexandra: I play a character called Emily. She’s quite the character honestly. She’s witty, she’s funny, she’s sassy, she’s bossy—she’s a little bit of everything. She comes across as very tough and hard, but only because she wants what’s best for the team.

Jordan: My characters name is Giselle and she’s part of the crew at first. She’s part of the cool girls and then she kind of gets a little bit lazy, thinks she’s all that and gets cut from that group. So then I think she really has to realize what’s important and takes a valuable lesson from that.

Lamar: My character’s name is West. He’s not really into any of the drama that goes on in the studio. He’s a hip-hop dancer, so he’s trying to better himself and get more technical.

The Next Step

Would you say that this show portrays a realistic dance studio?

Victoria: I would definitely say that this show is true in very many ways. With the whole new girl thing…I’ve seen it happen before where people in the studio are threatened because of this new person coming in and they’re getting the spotlight.

Alexandra: All of the characters at The Next Step you could find in a dance studio.

The Next Step Lamar dancing on set The Next Step

The Next Step isn’t really scripted, but more ad-libbed as you all are given the general idea. Do you find that harder or easier than being given a script?

Jordan: The first day was kind of difficult and the second day I felt way more comfortable with it. It comes along the more you do it; it’s easier. It’s so fun.

Alexandra: It depends on where you are with your character and kind of where you are with yourself. It was hard initially, but now I love it because I get freedom with my character, to play my character how I feel she would actually be.

Next Step Season 2

What would you say is a necessary characteristic for someone to have to succeed in the acting business?

Victoria: How well you treat the cast and the crew I would say, because it’s very important that you’re respectful to them.

Lamar: Stay determined, and focused. Be really focused on what you’re trying to do and push to achieve that.

The Next Step

The Next Step can be seenat 7pm on Family Channel.

Check out the website for The Next Step to learn more about the show and your favourite characters.

All photos provided by Family Channel

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  1. Hi i am Elif i am such a fan of you guys if you can teply please can you

  2. Hi i am Elif i am such a fan of you guys if you can teply please can you

    1. Queen14xox me to they are my best tv show plus i love to dance

  3. queen14xox

    Hey. I just love The Next Step so much. It’s my fave show to watch. And I love all the casts on the show, it’s a pleasure watching you all on TV…❤❤❤

  4. Nancy Kanu

    I love Victoria Baldesarra so much because your my hero

    1. Nancy Kanu

      I love Victoria Baldesarra so much because your my hero

  5. Nancy Kanu

    I love Victoria Baldesarra so much because your my hero

  6. Nancy Kanu

    Hey Victoria, I’m Nancy Kanu I am your biggest fan you are my favorite hero. Do you love the next step cast as you’re friends? What will be the next country to go to for the next step live tour? Miami or Las Vegas?

  7. gontse moropa

    i actually thought that it was scripted because there is no way there could be so much drama in a person’s life. The next step rocks!

  8. This whole show is 100% scripted! #JerseyShoreForClosetTeens