How To Choose The Right Online Board Games For Your Personality

Even though we’ve moved deep into the era of technology, board games are still one of the most popular methods of spending leisure time offline. Yet, to remain popular, they’ve got their online counterparts and can now be played on the web.

When it comes to choosing an online board game, players often do so based on several factors, one of which is their personality. This means that people with different personality traits won’t like playing the same board game. For instance, if you’re an introvert, you would probably prefer games that you can play alone, while extroverts might be more interested in community games that require the involvement of others.

Luckily, there are many different game types we have access to these days so that anyone can find the one that suits their needs. In this text, we’ll take a look at a few personality types and try to define what type of board games correspond to them. Stay tuned!


board games - board kingsOK

One of the most common profiles of gamers that can be seen online is the so-called conqueror. Players who have a highly developed urge for conflicts usually choose games that require attacking other players and stealing resources.

One such game is Board Kings that, apart from your board, also features the ones of other players that represent your target. Your job is not only to move around the board but also to visit the boards of other players and steal their coins. Yet, at the same time, you need to keep your treasure safe, which further enhances your conquering spirit.


board games - risk global domination

Another often seen type of player is the strategist. These are usually intuitive and analytical players who play games where they can make the moves based on the combination of their inner voice and a specific strategy.

Strategists carefully evaluate the situation and consider their options so they can make the right decision. Pretty often, these players choose games such as Poker Heat — one of many free online poker variations.

Poker games are perfect for strategists, as they demand you to act based on many factors. First, you have cards in your hands, and also the mutual ones on the table. However, that’s not all, since here you have other factors involved, such as bluffing and making illogical moves. Therefore, you’re bound to use a strategy in order to outsmart the opponents and come out the winner.

A old strategy board game classic, RISK, has an exciting online version, RISK: Global Domination for a little bit of nostalgic gaming.

Team Players

online board games - settlers of catan

Team players are the ones who prefer games where one team competes against another. In other words, these are the people who like to work with others on achieving their goal instead of relying completely on themselves.

These players have many games available on the web. They can choose sports games, such as FIFA, where they can form teams and play against each other. Also, fantasy games like Dota, or action games like CS: GO can be a good choice for team players. But for fans of team based board games there are also many great options, and one of the best is the online version of Settlers of Catan over at Catan Universe. 

The ultimate goal is to work together against some other group of people, which is exactly what these games provide. Finally, it’s much easier to play a game when you know that someone has your back.

Creative Souls

Contrary to team players, creative souls are more interested in games where they will be on their own without having to listen to the opinion of others. Also, these games do not include luck at all, as you’re the one in charge of the outcome. At first, such games were very simple, but thanks to technological advancement, we now have the opportunity to take part in high-quality online entertainment.

If you are a creative and calm person, you most likely won’t enjoy the game where you are surrounded by too many people who talk all the time. For such players, the ideal games are the ones that include building, design, and maintenance of your possessions. 

You’ve got a plan on which you work independently, be it building a house, farming, or designing clothes for a fashion show. One of the most popular games of this type is SIMS, where you have a budget you can use to build your dream house and let your creative nature reach its full potential.

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