How to Choose Your Custom Dream Kitchen

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Whether you’re remodelling or building a custom home, building a dream kitchen is a chance to get everything right. A kitchen needs to last a long time, both functionally and in terms of style. As you’re designing your kitchen, keep in mind what you’re going to want five, ten, even fifteen years down the road.

Open Concept Kitchen

The open concept kitchen has become an enduring feature of contemporary homes, because the kitchen has evolved into the hub of social activity at home. In the past, the kitchen was a place for cooking, and cooking alone, which meant older kitchens were sequestered off.

Today, kitchen islands with barstool seating, eat-in kitchen tables, and open concept designs that open into living rooms or dining rooms have changed the way this most important room functions and feels.

You’re no longer isolated away in the kitchen when you’re prepping for dinner parties, holidays, or just a week night dinner. When the kitchen is part of the flow and social energy of the home, you feel more connected.

Some home buyers will opt for a raised counter feature to screen their cooking efforts from guests.

To see more floor plans that use open concept kitchens, check out Blythwoodhomes.ca, a new home builder that specializes in custom dream homes.


The cabinets can feel like a nerve-wracking decision. They define the look and style of your kitchen and your Great Room for good. If you’re looking for functionality, install larger custom kitchen cabinets to store large goods such as vacuum cleaners and cookware. Why not have some door-less cupboards that can be used as extra storage for books? Paying extra attention to these details will keep potential buyers happy.

There are plenty of choices available, but you should ask yourself these questions before making a final decision:

  1. What don’t you like about the cabinets you currently have? Is it the look or do you also wish they were better for organization?
  2. What style are you going for in the rest of your home, and does the kitchen fit?
  3. How much storage space are you going to need?

If you’re buying cabinets through your builder , there are a lot of features you should ask about, including the selection of door styles, warranty on the finish height of upper cabinets inclusion of upper drawers along entire kitchen and quality dovetail or metal box drawers and pull outs with soft close hardware.


Countertops can be another costly part of a kitchen, but the results of a perfect countertop cannot be exaggerated. While laminate is your most cost-effective option, and easy to install, your higher-end options include granite and quartz. Granite is durable and if you find the look you want this makes a lot of sense. For quartz, the Cambria line is unrivalled, offering stunning designs, the widest selection, a clarity that adds depth, numerous edge profiles, and a lifetime warranty.

Solid wood countertops are yet another option that adds warmth and color other materials just can’t. Also known as butcher block, they’re surprisingly easy to maintain if you use sealer and keep them protected from water damage. For a bigger repair you can just sad them down and refinish.

Laminate counters have gone a long way and can look good anywhere. Laminates work well in bathrooms where heat is not an issue.

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Ceramic is an attractive and durable surface for kitchens. Increasingly buyers are also looking at hardwood, cork, laminate and vinyl flooring. Hardwood, cork and vinyl are easier on the back than ceramic.

When the kitchen is part of your Great Room you should be sure to ask your flooring installer what the transition between the different styles will look like. If you do not like transition strips between laminate and ceramic, you might decide to go all laminate instead.


Wall ovens are often thought of as a luxury but as we get older it certainly is nice not to have to bend all the way to the floor just to baste a turkey! With a new kitchen you can incorporate wall ovens and microwaves in convenient and ergonomic locations.

Your custom kitchen should work for you. Explore your options and complete the dream kitchen for your dream home.

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