Could You Use Dental Implants? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have healthy teeth. At times, it’s necessary to replace them with dental implants or some other solution. How do you know if implants are right for you? Setting up an appointment with a dentist is the best approach. One quick phone call is an easy way to schedule your visit to Maple Dental Health dentists and get the process going. Here are some tips that will help things along.

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Tell All About Your General Health

During that first visit, be prepared to provide information about your general health. Not everyone understands how different types of health issues can affect dental well-being. A chronic condition may impact the types of treatments your dentist will recommend. Other health issues may also provide clues in what to look for when the dentist begins the initial examination.

Undergo a Thorough Dental Examination

Expect the dental exam to be a thorough one. That’s because the dentist will want to determine the condition of your teeth and have an idea of whether they must go or if they can be saved. There’s also the matter of assessing the health of your gums. Based on the outcome of the exam, the dentist can provide an opinion on whether you can keep the teeth or if they need to go.

Compare Implants to Other Dental Solutions

Assuming that saving the teeth is out of the question, the dentist will want to go over different options with you. That will include the use of implants, partial dentures, bridges, and other solutions. The goal is to make sure you understand which methods would work best in your case and why those would be the top recommendations. Based on what you learn, it will be easier to settle on the solution that’s best for you.

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Choose the Type of Implant That You Prefer

After weighting the options, you’ve decided that implants are the way that you want to go. Now it’s necessary to determine which type of implant would work best in your case. That’s another discussion that you’ll have with the dentist.

Depending on the state of your health, all options for implants may be possible. This means you could opt for individual implants. These are inserted into the sockets where the tooth roots used to reside. Once in place, they’re fitted with a cap shaped to resemble the natural tooth. This process can take quite a bit of time. In fact, it could be weeks or months before all of your natural teeth are replaced by the individual implants.

Another solution is known as All on Four implants. It’s also sometimes called Teeth in a Day. The reason for this is that you don’t have to replace each individual tooth with an implant. Instead, the dental professional installs four implants across the expanse of the upper or lower jaw. In some cases, the professional may install six implants. Once they are in place, a bridge shaped to resemble a full set of upper or lower teeth is attached to those implants.

There’s no doubt that Teeth in a Day is a revolutionary dental procedure that allows you to walk into a dental clinic with no teeth and emerge with a full set. The process will only take a few hours. In some cases, the bridges are temporary. You’ll come back in a week or so to receive the permanent bridges. At other times, your bridges are made in advance and you receive them on the same day.

Do you think implants might be right for you? Call a dentist and make an appointment today. In any event, what the dentist learns will improve your overall dental health.

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