Don’t Judge A Game By Its Appearance


What catches the attention of a potential gamer? Is it the glitz-and-glam of the game? The functionality of it? The prospect of winning? Truthfully, it’s more than likely a combination of the three. But what’s a game without the backend? And what’s the software without the creative front end? The two go hand-in-hand in creating the perfect online gaming experience.

There’s more to online gaming than the face of the game. Sure, the design of the game, the coloring and the layout are all a large part of the appeal, but behind the aesthetics of the game lies a galaxy of intricate code that is carefully programed to ensure that the game functions and runs smoothly.

Players expect the game to work. When a player visits an online website, they’re assuming the games will run without a glitch. A player will not be overly impressed by a game that simply works, as this is his expectation. Therefore, his expectations need to be exceeded; the game needs to run 100% smoothly, and allow for the technological and aesthetic aspects to compliment one another while working together. The game as a whole needs to be pleasurable for the player. This will more than likely ensure that the player returns to play again.

Here at Faze Tech we love all things techno. As technology advances, the games we play need to keep up. Software specialists are continuously adapting games and creating new ways to integrate the latest technology into their games. And while there might be an entire pool of software developers available, online gaming sites such as Goldenslot often choose to go with trusted companies to provide the very best in the industry.

There are a number of casino software companies who create these games with the finest finesse and detail. Companies such as Microgaming, PlayTech, NetEnt and 888 have contributed to the world of online gaming in ways that are revolutionary. They have built a reputation that is reliable and dependable. We’ve decided to sum up these industry leaders, and share a little info on them:

Microgaming has a rich history of creating leading software for the industry. They released the first authentic online casino 22 years ago. This company provides quality products for download, flash and mobile use, and they work with over 400 online casinos, aggregating the best Microgaming online casinos for Canadian players. is another online gaming software specialist. This company offers reliable downloadable and flash versions of its casino. The best part of their games? They have the Marvel license, allowing them to create games with some of our favorite characters of all time.

NetEnt, also known as Net Entertainment, is a Swedish online casino software development company. They boast a high payout strategy (up to 95% payouts!). Their software provides colorful and rich graphics and was among the first to tackle the mobile gaming world. NetEnt offers a touch system which is extremely advanced for mobile gaming. Their state-of-the-art software can be seen on numerous gaming websites.

888 is one of the only successful software companies to support its own brand of casinos. This offers the company a competitive edge, as it is not competing to impress and win over other casinos. This allows for the company to truly focus on its own brand and build the best possible software.

Software companies need to ensure one thing: successful gaming. As a player goes through the motion of playing a game, he lives the game. His ups and downs, wins and losses are all enhanced by software geniuses designed to create a memorable journey for the player.

So the next time you click your favourite online game, think about the effort, the hours and the brains behind the graphics you love to play.

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