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Dress for Success at Work: Common Sense Tips For All Careers

Feeling comfortable and looking great are important details to thriving in the workplace. Whether you’re making money at an office job or a blue-collar environment, it’s vital to dress your best and feel at ease in your clothes.

Fashionable work clothes are more than just a suit and tie or a modest dress. The clothes make the man (or woman!) feel confident and charismatic at work. We’ve come up with a helpful guide to lead you to success wherever your paycheck may be coming from.

Dress for success

Look for Durable Fabrics

If you’re working on a construction site or any other labor job, denim can be your new best friend. This sturdy fabric takes a long time to fray and tear but can be broken in easily.

Those working in business casual settings are advised to find comfortable clothing which is also low maintenance. Get ahold of several wrinkle free dress shirts for men or tops for women to have the ability to look good on the go. Similarly, wrinkle resistant slacks are equally recommended.

Working in the corporate field? Rich cotton adorns the snazzy look of suits and ties which will keep their shape even after several months of wear. It’s important to invest in high-quality clothing so you don’t need to replace your wardrobe every season.

Wear Sturdy Shoes Everywhere You Go

It’s a given – the right shoes are important to the job. Practical menswear is made comfier with work shoes to fit your employment. A sturdy pair of work boots helps manual labor jobs while dress shoes will tread will take you from the board meeting to after hours.

Women can find kitten heels and dressy flats in a formal work environment. Low-heeled boots may also be functional when you need to dress up. Sneakers are acceptable in a fitness job and in the educational field when you’re always on your feet.

Dress shoes on Desk

Make Sure You Can Breathe

It’s necessary to fit your figure in a way that makes you feel comfortable. We’re not talking about baggy shirts and PJ pants (unless you work from home!) That smart suit and fitted dress may make you look like a million bucks but will cost you your comfort at work.

You may want to get fitted for the proper adjustments or invest in a tailor who can cater to your needs. Remember to look for breathable fabrics and shapes to keep your body cool.

Let Your Personality Shine

You feel most comfortable when you’re feeling great about your outfit choices. Many workplaces allow freedom of expression with only a few restrictions. If you want to stand out or stay with the trends, it’s essential to dress to your personal tastes.

If your job requires a uniform, jazz it up with some funky socks and accessories. Choose patterns on skirts, blouses, and ties that make you happy for a job where you need to dress up. Wait staff and bartenders can showcase their individuality with whimsical buttons and badges.


Proper Care is Always Important

Keep your clothing lasting years by treating them well. Look to labels for washing techniques and find a dry cleaner near you for the flashier pieces. A tailor or a simple ironing board can refresh your wardrobe and keep things looking brand new.

It’s also vital to take care of yourself. Stay hydrated and use proper hygiene techniques to smell and feel fresh. You’ll impress your co-workers and bosses when you look the part. Good luck on your raise!

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