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The Dynamic DIY Duo: Canada’s The Sorry Girls Make Really Cool Stuff

the sorry girls

It’s time to ditch the old stereotype that men are better when it comes to building and fixing things. Yes, we know there are lots of differences between the sexes but design savvy, craftiness and ingenuity are not some of them.

These days, women are far more likely to live in an apartment, either on their own or with a female roommate. And when it’s time to fix or DIY something cool, girl power can create awesome results. Two shining stars in the Canadian DIY world, Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid – collectively known as The Sorry Girls, are inspiring a new generation of female (and male!) DIYers.

Becky and Kelsey met in 2010 at school, both were taking Film and Media Production at Humber College (great school for that!) and came up with an idea for a YouTube channel, the place to be at the time for young creatives with something of value to share with the world. They came up with the name “The Sorry Girls” to poke fun at another stereotype – that Canadians are so polite they’re always apologizing. While at the beginning they weren’t exactly sure what the focus of the channel would be, before long they found their niche – creative (and money-saving) DIY projects, whether fashion or home decor.  

Their playful personalities and creative minds made for highly entertaining and inspiring viewing and their following ballooned. Almost nine years later, the Toronto-based self-made media stars have collected over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, 2.2 million monthly viewers on Pinterest, with hundreds of thousands more between Facebook and Instagram.

While they do DIYs in a number of different categories, they have been getting a ton of love and respect for their home decor projects. From certain materials and tools that are available to everyone they conjure up attractive objects. Here are some of our favourites…

Floating Nightstands

These nightstands are great for cleaning up the look of a room and will add elegance to your bedroom setup. They start off with an IKEA Kallax shelving insert and transform it into a sturdy, minimalist nightstand.

Hidden Compartments

This is a great idea, although it’s up to you to decide what needs hiding, money, keys or candy or something more interesting! The Sorry Girls have three examples of hidden compartments in common home decor items but you can definitely think of other equally good places to keep things out of sight.

Dream Herringbone Table

Dining tables, or cool coffee tables can really be expensive, and we’ve often thought about making our own. This is one we’d like to try one of these days. We’ll be on the lookout for some interesting wood pieces with nice patterns and character and then with the help of a lot of wood glue and a nice varnish we’ll have a beautiful, unique table.

Wireless Phone Charging Table

This is pretty cool, particularly as we’ve recently started charging our new phone on a wireless charging pad. Now we can hide the pad and its wire, and make a classy table that magically charges our devices!

Extreme Hack of IKEA Cube Shelf

This is our favourite, and one we may actually be trying ourselves one of these days on a bigger unit. Becky and Kelsey take a standard IKEA white cube shelf and transform it into a cabinet with beautiful wooden doors, and legs.

The Sorry Girls have become one of the most watched Canadian YouTube stars and in the process have been inspiring a whole lot of people, including us, to measure and drill and glue and varnish our way to some beautiful home furnishings and decor items. Beyond the money that you can save by doing it yourself, there is also the joy of having a truly one-of-a-kind piece and the pride that you made it with your own very capable hands! Thanks Kelsey and Becky, keep up the great work!

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