Equipping Your Commercial Kitchen: Stainless Steel Microwave Shelf

A commercial kitchen is a place that needs to be functional, properly equipped, and have room to maneuver when performing dozens of daily cooking tasks. And if some element like a microwave placed on work surfaces becomes an obstacle or frequently used items are hidden into the drawers or cabinets and are hard to reach, you need to consider the installation of a stainless steel microwave shelf that can significantly simplify daily routine and ensure excellent order and tidiness even at the busiest commercial spaces.

stainless steel microwave shelf

Strong reasons to install a stainless microwave shelf

A modern commercial kitchen is often equipped with open shelves attached to the vertical wall. Such structures can completely replace massive hanging cabinets and deliver immediate access to the stored items. Smartly selected shelving units provide convenient placement of the necessary utensils without crowding the surrounding and make the working zones tidy. Their wide range of styles, accessories, and upgrades allows you to choose the most suitable option for your kitchen. In the case of a microwave wall mount shelf, it is also a great chance to free up the working top from huge household appliances. Let’s explore some of its main benefits:

  • Metal shelves take up little space and visually expand the volume of the room, adding extra surfaces for storing. They allow not only to conveniently place the kitchen bulky and heavy devices but boost ergonomic levels for the better efficiency of food prep tasks.
  • Versatility and multifunctionality. Apart from the microwave oven, metal shelves with outstanding weight capacity can hold nearly any item, including such elements as large pots and pans, the necessary spices, cereals, bottles, ingredients, and kitchen utensils that are always must be at hand during intensive staff performance.
  • Flexible installation. Stainless steel microwave shelf can be installed at any wall height over a stove or work surface and at any spot in the kitchen to perform its function in the best possible way and not prevent smooth meal preparation.

Warnings on the installation of a stainless steel microwave shelf in commercial kitchens

Making the decision to upgrade the interior of commercial space with vertical shelving structures, you must be aware of some nuances before purchasing. Thus, open shelves and the utensils stored on them are prone to dirt and dust accumulation, as well as stains occurrence, so they need to be cleaned regularly and properly. Stubborn grease stains can be avoided by installing shelves above the working tops away from the stove. The room must be organized to ensure the correct order of objects. So, decide whether this type of steel shelf will fit and occupy a convenient location without violating the freedom of movement.

More commercial shelving solutions

A microwave wall mount shelf is a construction with a solid surface and extra brackets for more sturdy support. However, there are some alternatives which you can also consider. One of them is wire wall shelving. Such products are easy to care for, as they rarely get dirty and practically do not accumulate dust due to excellent air circulation. Basically, such options are used for dishes or for perishable food, and it is better to not store some weighty stuff there. At the catalog of AmGoodSupply, you can also find some other solutions to outfit the kitchen with long-lasting equipment for storage.

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