7 Essential Items To Pack For A Trip To Australia

Sydney Australia

Finally, you are ready to embark on the adventurous journey toward the land of Crocs and kangaroos. Right? Australia is a beautiful country, offering so much, especially for backpackers. Whether you are going to Australia for the first time or the hundredth time, the charm never wears off.

Going on a trip is always exciting, as you meet new people and celebrate a new culture. However, what is off-putting is packing for the trip. You want to carry the best clothes, accessories, and other things. But you also do not want to overpack and drag your luggage around. Also, what you pack highly depends on the season you are going into and the length of your trip.

But all in all, here are a few things you must take on the trip.

Australian plug adapter

Australia, just like New Zealand, uses type 1 plugs. It will also accept earthed 3 pins and unearthed 2 pins. But other than that, it will not use any other pins. So, to charge your electronics, it is better to carry an Australian plug adapter to ensure you never run out of battery.

Clothes to brave all weather

Australian weather is unpredictable and erratic. Just because you are going in the summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry a jacket. It can get cold or extremely windy, making it tough to navigate the streets in a tank top. Ensure you carry comfy t-shirts, pants, a bikini, shorts, jeans, and dresses. But don’t overdo it.

Pack one or two clothes in each category to have everything you need and keep the weight light. Also, invest in a good sneaker. If you plan to walk around touristy places, you need the best sneakers. Lastly, plan an outfit if you wish to go to a fancy restaurant or place for dinner.

Packing clothes in a suitcase

Makeup and skincare

Skincare and makeup are essential. If you love makeup, carry your favorite brands, but don’t overdo it. You will find most makeup products online Australia or in stores. Just carry the basic makeup products and always leave room to buy more. Taking care of your skin is essential, as the product that suits your skin may not be available in Australia.

Pack the ones you use, and always carry a good sunblock. Make sure you pack them well and carry them in your luggage. Remember, most airports don’t allow you to carry them in your check-in bag.

Mosquito repellent

You will not get malaria in Australia but you can still get nasty mosquito bites. The sandflies and insects here can make you itch in weird places. In hot summers, this only increases. Thus, it is best to carry mosquito repellent with you. Something that has traits is the best defense against mosquitoes.

Waterproof camera and phone case

Australia is wonderful for exploring and having adventures. You can go sand-diving here to enjoy the beautiful underwater life. Take a waterproof phone and camera case with you to maximize your adventure. It will allow you to take incredible photos when doing water sports in Australia. Also, it keeps them safe.

Make a pharmacy kit

Every country has different medications, and you may not find the one you take there. So, if you are taking prescription medications, carry them without fault. Other than these, take basic medications for headaches, stomach issues, nausea, and so on. Bandages, disinfectant, sanitizer, and more should also be part of your kit.

Sun-hat and glasses

The sun in much of Australia is unforgiving, and summers can be harsh. You want to protect yourself from the scorching heat, and sunscreen is not enough. You also need a hat to protect and cover your head, and high-quality sunglasses for your eyes.

summer hat sunglasses outside

Documents and money

Carry all the essential documents, like a visa, passport, and license, with you. Keep them safe and have a digital backup too. You can buy and pay with your card, but you need cash for cabs or the metro. So, always have some money with you.

To ensure your vacation here is smooth, give this packing list a chance. It includes all the things most expert travelers or people who have visited Australia in the past recommend. Sure, you will forget a few things, and circumstances change. But with this list, you can enjoy a beautiful vacation.

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