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In The Fitness Business? Use Video Marketing To Reach Your Customers

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Research shows that as many as 80% of businesses utilize video marketing techniques. The soaring popularity of video marketing has gripped the entire business community, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t benefit you as well. Though the model has shown successful results in the small and large business sectors alike, niche industries are still skeptical.

In particular, the fitness industry has always cast major aspersions on the yield generated from video marketing. However, the essential question is no longer whether to indulge in video content creation. Instead, the question is how to create content and market videos easily and swiftly.

Why Should You Begin with Video Marketing?

The surge in popularity of video content can be attributed to manifold benefits it possesses. Video marketing has been known to augment organic traffic towards your website and directly bear sales volume.

As your sales increase, your customers begin to better comprehend your business facilities, owing to video-based promotions. From the collected data, it is understood that about 85% of consumers prefer videos from their trusted brands.

In the fitness industry, people are extremely result-oriented, and what better way than to make them SEE the benefits? The fitness industry has many skeptics who do not believe in reading reviews or hearing testimonials.

People usually sign up for a gym membership with the aspiration to have a better ‘looking’ physique. The other benefits such as health, wellness, and lifestyle betterment feature later on your wish list. Thus, before joining the gym, your customer wants to see what results you can bring. Seeing is believing! Indeed, for such a customer base, video content is the answer to their problems.

These days, some of the leading fitness experts, wellness centers, and gymnasium have begun posting intro videos on Instagram. With the help of a video intro maker, you, too, can join the bandwagon, let people know why they should choose you over your competitors.

fitness instructor living room

How Can You Begin?

Videos take a lot of resources at your end. The ideal video content is made when you plan them thoroughly. You need perfect lighting conditions. Accordingly, you might have to select a space to shoot. Further, depending on the type and platform, you might have to script the scene to perfection and templates to edit the final product.

For instance, a YouTube outro template can be used specifically for the videos uploaded on this platform. The process might sound overwhelmingly tacky. However, it can be crystallized and put in the following steps.

Step 1: Think, Plan, and Script!

Any ordinary task needs a bit of careful anticipation and thinking. Planning is thinking aloud on paper. Therefore, you must pick your subject, think your theme through, and plan it all out before penning it down as a script. Contrasting with its conventional meaning, a script is precise planning and sequentially enumerating a chronology of events, tasks, and actions. Meticulous planning leads to an effective script, which in turn creates content efficiently.

Step 2: Shoot!

This is the part where you will film your content. There are plenty of shots and types of footage you can choose from. Before shooting the content, it is essential to have a clear picture in your head as to what the final product should resemble. This helps you have the right direction to shoot scenes and has an important bearing on how videos are edited.

Step 3: Cut, Line, and Trim

Video editing can be done these days through much online free software. A lot of this software, supports a variety of formats for the import/ export of video content. Features such as resizing, trimming, cutting, scene skipping can be accessed through in-built panel features of any editing tool. Editing tools also have timeline functions that enable you to add transitions, video effects, and audio tracks to your content. Advanced features in editing software include HD format editing, scene selection, alignment, color effects, etc.

Step 4: Like, Share, and Subscribe

With the rise of social media, many editing software has in-built platform sharing features to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Promoting is, by far, the most crucial step of this process and requires you to go all out to promote your video and engage your viewers. You can share the videos either through links or through self-hosting.

Step 5: Decide your captions, titles, and Thumbnails.

It has been widely noticed that lengthy and elaborate descriptions are important for your channel, but not for your videos. A short and succinct description should justify your content. Furthermore, you need to put time and effort into deciding your titles and designing your thumbnails. Your Title and thumbnails create a first impression on your viewers and engage them to find out more by watching.


What kind of videos should I create?

As the fitness industry is a niche segment, there cannot be generic content. Instead, your video content should cater to your objective and what you want your viewers to see, so start creating your videos with your niche and your customers in mind.


A hook is a small video that shows the preview of the content that is to come up. Hook videos can be made with or without audio. YouTube has excellent platform support for hook videos for thumbnails.


An intro video is a short descriptive video that explains the viewer who you are, what you offer, and your background. If utilized properly, intro videos are known to have been an excellent lead generation tool.


Outro videos are exit videos that are also short and concise. They tell the viewer what the ending reaction must be and lay out the expectations. An excellent example could be short videos promoting like, share, and subscribe functions on YouTube.


Explainer or Tutorial videos are educational and learning in nature. They seek to educate the viewer about a particular aspect. For example, the type of workout could be explained with an explainer video.

Ultimately, the many benefits of video marketing depend on how ingeniously and innovatively you use it. You must have a clear head first, and strategize right to make the best use of video marketing techniques.

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