Fort McMurray Recovers From Devastating Wildfire

fort mcmurray-wildfires

For well over a month now, the Fort McMurray wildfire has devastated a substantial area of both Alberta and Saskatchewan. The dry, hot weather conditions have helped stimulate the fire but the specific cause is not known as of yet.

The fire prompted a massive evacuation of the town of Fort McMurray. Since the fire, thousands of people have been able to return while some have not. Those living in the neighbourhoods of Abasand, Beacon Hill and Waterways were denied re-entry given the massive damage. The decision to rebuild these communities remains up in the air as insurance claims are being filed. Those residents who do have a home still standing are finding a monumental task ahead of them with cleaning up the ash and soot damage. Many residents are finding their belongings no longer usable.

Given the extensive size of the blaze, over 500,000 hectares at one time, offers of aid from foreign nations have been forthcoming. So much help was offered that the Canadian government had to decline some offers. The Canadian people have rallied around their fellow countrymen by making donations to the Canadian Red Cross. Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the government would match these contributions further sparking the fundraising.

Currently, the fire is still not yet out which translates to even more destruction. The need for fundraising continues as Canada works to battle this fire and its people reclaim their daily lives.

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