Fun And Social Ways To Spend Your Money (If You Have Lots)

Whether you’ve earned it the old-fashioned way or it’s fallen into your lap somehow there are few better feelings than (and we hate to say it) having a really big pile of money that’s all yours and you’re the only one in the world who has a say on how it’s going to be spent. Well, we’re here to give you some solid advice. Not on how to invest and grow your money, because that’s obvious and we have financial advice columns for that. We’re going help you spend it some of it! And in ways that you won’t regret and that will provide you a chance to share amazing experiences with friends and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Travel to exotic places with friends

Picking the friends to travel with is key, but we’ll leave that up to you! Once you’ve got your ideal crew it’s time to journey off and start making memories. Whether it’s a safari in Africa, a party week in Ibiza or whole month traveling around Europe in the summer, experiencing new cities and cultures is best enjoyed with good people to share it with.

Depending on your interests you can get adventurous by climbing a mountain, yachting in the Caribbean, treating your palate to a culinary tour of Thailand, or go wild visiting the clubs and casinos of Las Vegas or Macau. Make sure to take the time to enjoy the moments and really be grateful for your life, your friends and your good fortune.

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Attend world-class sporting events

You can sit at home and enjoy a good game on your TV and invite friends over to join you. Throw a themed party to create more excitement. You can even make it more interesting by putting some money on one of the teams using just your phone thanks to online sports betting sites. However, to get the real experience of a lifetime you need to pack your bags, bring some buddies along and head to the sporting mecca of your choice.

Think of it, front row seats at an NBA playoff game, watching a big match live at a World Cup match, seeing Federer in a finals at Wimbledon, or watching the Monaco Grand Prix up close from your rented Monte Carlo condo balcony. Throw in amazing towns, buzzing energy, food and drinks, meeting new people and you can count on this being one of the highlights of your year, or decade.

Serena Williams Tennis Champ

Take a really cool course

Learn something you’ve always wanted to do, and bring along a couple like-minded friends for the ride. And make it somewhere nice to visit at the same time.

Are you into thrills? Then try an open wheel racing course in the mid-West USA, or surfing lessons in Costa Rica. Are your interests more domestic? How about a cooking school in Tuscany, Italy or flower arranging course in Japan? If you geek out on science-y stuff, take an astronomy course at an observatory in Hawaii or a nature photography course in the wilds of Africa.

You’ll have a great time, plus you and your friends will come away with new skills you can continue to build and share in the years to come.

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Hire someone famous and throw a party

Celebrities of all sorts are out there making a living, and many are very happy to appear and even perform at private events for a fee or a donation to their favourite charity. Even Beyonce performed at an Indian wedding last year, and while she probably didn’t come cheap there are a wide range of options, especially for artists a little past their peak. Pick a band, DJ, singer, comedian, actor or athlete that you and your friends all know and admire and they throw a themed party to remember!

Someone I know recently threw a surprise birthday party for a tennis-loving friend  by having John McEnroe pop out of the bushes to crash their game of tennis with a mock rant about a bad line call, and then Andy Murray popped out to take the other side and all four played a match to remember before a hundred guests arrived.

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In the end, it’s up to your imagination, and the size of your particular pile of money, but the goal is to have fun and share it with people you really enjoy being with. Keep in mind, great memories can be made on any budget, and the quality of your friends is the most important factor in having an amazing time. Pick ’em well, and have a blast!

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