Game Streaming Is Getting Popular For Women

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Both online gaming and video streaming have been booming in recent years and both have certainly benefited from the COVID pandemic. More recently, the two industries have been combined as people have begun streaming themselves while playing online video games, from competitive league play to casino games.

Popular streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube have given rise to a group of streamers who have built large viewerships and fan-bases by live-streaming themselves and interacting with their audiences as they play.

And it isn’t just the guys who are big on the platforms, female streamers, including female casino streamers, are also becoming more common despite gaming being a stereotypically male pursuit. Young ladies like Norwegian streamer Linnea Maria regularly plays slot games on Twitch to over 50,000 followers under her username, Linneafly. You can discover more about Linneafly streamer on

Linneafly Streaming

But what makes game streaming, and in particular casino game streaming, so popular for women? Let’s find out!

A low-barrier to entry

While this point isn’t unique to women, it is worth mentioning as it can still play a part in their decision to stream games.

Streaming has now become more than just a hobby as it is widely known there is potential to earn a large income from it. For example, streamers at the very top of the game in 2019 earned 6-figure monthly incomes from live-streaming. The most popular of all is perhaps Tyler “Ninja” Blevins who is thought to have earned between $400,000 and $800,000 each month last year!

For something that has the potential to become a full-time career, streaming has a very low barrier to entry. All streamers need is a camera and a way to record their computer screen as they play games.

Unfortunately, there is often a barrier when it comes to traditional video game streaming since you need to be very good at a game if you want to build a large following. And there are many talented female players in all genres. This barrier is a lot lower for casino games because many of them don’t require much skill from players.

Mostly passive games that are based heavily on luck like slots and roulette are very simple for streamers to get started with.

The biggest downside is that new streamers need to be willing to risk some cash as they bet on these kinds of games. Then again, there is always the potential for winning, which means you can still end up making some money even before you have any kind of following to receive donations from. Nevertheless, until then, starting small may be the best advice.

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Women Love Slot Games

Out of all casino games, the most popular for females to play are the slot games. An Oregon State University study found “the most common profile of a slot machine enthusiast was a female homeowner, between the ages of 55 and 60, with at least some college education and an annual household income of more than $55,000”.

Slot games on Twitch are popular enough to have been given their own category on the platform, which regularly receives between 15,000 and 18,000 daily views.

In addition to the two key facts above, viewers are likely to watch the streams of people they can relate to the most. Naturally, this means a female viewer is going to be drawn to female streamers.

All of these points make slot machine streaming a strong draw for female streamers out there.

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Caters to the Male-Dominated Audience

This point may seem contradictory to the previous one regarding female viewers but it simply adds to the potential benefits of being a female casino streamer. It is widely known that the audiences of streaming platforms like are predominantly male. In 2019 around 65% of the Twitch user-base were men.

Similarly, aside from slot games as mentioned earlier, gambling is indeed a very male-oriented hobby. It only makes sense that a certain portion of this large male audience will also be into gambling and will be drawn to this category of streamers.

Linneafly Streaming

It is also very well-known that a lot of men love to watch females on streaming platforms. Of course, it can seem a bit creepy in some situations but the facts are that popular female streamers usually tend to have a large number of male followers.

Many female streamers are well aware of these facts and some will take full advantage of them by making themselves more appealing to the male audience. One way in which they achieve this is by streaming in genres that are already popular with males such as first person shooters, or online poker.

Essentially, female streamers will be appealing to males as well as females for different reasons if they stream games. So, it can be a real win-win for them and is likely to be a smart decision to include at least some of that kind of content on their channels.

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