How To Dress Right For A Night Out At The Casino

Right from Lacey Jones to Sharon Stone, women have always been putting the glamour into casinos ever since these gambling destinations went commercial. And why not?! We are the more fashion conscious gender after all!

You must never show up at a casino like you just rolled out of bed. Being women, we must bring our fashion A-game to the table! Take a look at the women in these 5 awesome movies that take place in Las Vegas and you’d know what we’re talking about!

While the advent of televised poker tournaments and many popular online casino platforms has somewhat brought a casual feel to gambling, including the casino attire, you still need to dress-up to the occasion when you visit a brick-and-mortar casino establishment.

Let’s now take you over some tips that would help you to dress right for a night at a casino. Here are some looks you could go with.

The sparkles and sequins look

The alluring showgirl vibe brought about by this look is impossible to miss. The images of women wearing glamorous and sparkling dresses in casinos are both captivating and timeless. You could go with a short or long dress with an open back, made in any material that shimmers in light.

If in case you’re not much of a sequins person, you could opt for something simple and cheerful. Please note, wearing too much jewelry can divert the focus away from your dress. Hence, just a nice pair of earrings would be best suited with this style. Who knows, if it’s your lucky day, you could win big like this woman!

sequin dress

The sleek look

Imagine a long pair of nice and silky gloves, flawless make-up and a pearl necklace! Does that ring any bells?! Well, that’s Audrey Hepburn for you! Her amazingly charming look has somewhat become a symbol of elegance and class throughout the world. There is no need of heels with this look as you could wear even something simple and black. Pearls or diamonds would do well for the jewelry.

sleek dress

The androgynous look

More of the women we see these days in casinos are professional players. Look at casino celebs like Xuan Lio and you’d see a refreshing fashion sense that has started a new trend in casino dressing. You can perfect this look by wearing something less conventional and combining foxy formal with unisex casual. How about creating your own style with some slim-fit shirt and perhaps a loose-buttoned plain jacket! Some golden jewellery to go with it and you’d strike the perfect balance between feminine mystique and the male dapperness.

The Wild West look

Want to wear something that’s more Wild West?! Well, you’d need some nice checked shirt, buckle boots and a cowboy hat for that. It’d be better if you combine these with a nice black skinny jeans to complete that perfect playful tomboy look! As it’s not essential to always go with a classy dress when you’re visiting a casino, the Wild West look can be a nice change.

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