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How Long Does It Take To Repair My Vehicle After A Car Accident?

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Each and every day, car accidents occur on the roadways in Canada, and getting into one yourself can be a pretty terrifying experience. 

Even when they’re not fatal, car accidents can also be highly frustrating because after their occurrence, you’re left without a vehicle, nor do you have an idea who to contact, where to take your car for servicing, or how long it’ll take to have your vehicle back. Not to mention the hassle of you trying to find a way to get to work, pick up the kids, go grocery shopping, and finish your other daily chores when you find yourself without a properly working vehicle at your disposal. 

Once you get your vehicle damaged in a car collision accident, as much as we’d like to offer you a precise number of days for your repair work, we would like to be fair and honest with you: there’s not one. 

That being said, a rough guess on typical circumstances can help you plan your car repair and know what to expect when you bring your car to professional repair shops in your area. For what it’s worth, if your accident happened in the Metro Vancouver area and you need it quickly fixed, you can always bring your car to a specialized car collision center North Vancouver repair shop to get it promptly fixed and get back on the road as soon as possible.

In any case, here’s what you can expect when it comes to how long it takes to repair your vehicle after a car accident.

How Long Will These Auto Repairs Take?  

Different damage takes different times to be repaired. Here are some of the basic rules that apply for minor to major collisions as well as paint and windshield damage:  

Minor Collisions

Small scrapes and fender benders are usually the quickest to repair. Based on the season and intensity, it could be completed in a matter of days. Because minor damage is less dependent on parts, paint, and other factors that can delay repairs, the car repair shop would be able to get your car resolved soon.

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Major Collisions  

If your vehicle has serious damage, the patching process is slower. Before your insurance allows repair work to begin, your technician may have to investigate and estimate the cost of repairing your vehicle.  

Although it is not unusual for the repair shop to discover more severe damage once they begin working on your car, this revised fix average should be brought to your insurance and also included on your claim. It is normal for the auto body shop to give you a repair estimate ranging from several weeks or months considering the damage to your car.  

Windshield Replacement Or Repair  

A compromised vehicle’s windshield will not be installed by your auto body shop right away. You may need to have your repairs done first before installation can take place. Your windshield repair should take less than an hour, but it may need to “set” or “rest” for an hour before you can get back driving on the road.  

However, if you have your windshield replaced, the auto repair shop may have to order the correct windshield for your vehicle before proceeding.  

Scratches In The Car Paint  

If your car is a standard color model, you won’t need to visit a specialized shop to have the paint fixed in a matter of days. Perfectly matched paint colors and finding the right one will take much longer if you have a personalized color. 

The good news is that you won’t have to leave your car at the repair center for the timeframe. They will usually send out the color and schedule an appointment with you once it turns up.  

How Long Does It Take For Your Insurance Company To Provide An Estimate?  

Keep in mind that issues with insurance payout paperwork frequently change the answer to the question “How long will it take?”. These repairs cannot begin until the repair shop has received approval from the insurance company. Insurance companies typically process claim paperwork within a few days.  

Keep in mind that some policies have restrictions on the types of parts that can be used, the extent of the problem, and who was at fault, all of which can affect how the accident is handled.

What Factors Can Extend The Time It Takes To Repair A Car?  

Some other factors will determine how long it takes to repair your car following an accident. These are the three main ones:  

  1. How badly is your car damaged? As we stated above, certain types of damage take longer to repair than others.
  2. Are the car parts easily available? Parts that are broken or missing will need to be replaced, and we will be at the hands of the supplier. Your insurance policy may only cover generic brand part replacement parts, which are usually easier to come by. Still, finding parts that the shop doesn’t keep on hand can take longer than estimated.  
  3. How old is your car? If your vehicle is completely new, repair parts may not be easily obtainable and may be difficult to access. Meanwhile, if the part is very old, it may no longer exist. It’s also possible that the insurance provider considers the quoted average to be higher than the vehicle’s value and declares it a total loss.  

The Bottom Line  

Car accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t handle your crash-related issues effectively. Knowing what to expect and having a game plan puts things into perspective and helps make you feel more in control after a life-changing event.

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