How Popular Are Online Gaming Sites In Canada?

Online Casinos are here to stay and are taking the world by storm. The last two years have seen the popularity of online casinos grow by a margin of over 70% and it keeps rising by the day. Canada is at the forefront of this growth and has been ranked as one of the top countries worldwide when it comes to online gambling. Despite the shaky start this industry had in Canada, which was because of the stringent prohibitions by law and the unpopularity of casinos, the country now generates a staggering amount of income from online gambling. A report by the Canadian Gambling Association noted that legalizing gambling generated over $16.1 billion dollars across all states. This article will give detailed insight into how popular online casinos are in Canada and why this is so.

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The popularity of online gambling in Canada

Currently, there are over 100 casinos that accept players from Canada. This shows that Canada has greatly embraced online gaming, to a point that it is one of the first countries that come to mind whenever online gambling is mentioned. Casino games are quite popular in Canada and therefore it comes as no surprise that they are at the forefront of embracing online gambling. The mild restrictions imposed on the industry have only furthered its popularity. A prediction by Statistics Canada even projects that over 65% of Canada’s population that is above legal gambling age will place a bet at an online casino within the next year. This is a very competitive figure when compared to pioneering countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

With the current coronavirus pandemic, it is expected that many will even go deeper into gambling due to a lot of boredom. But as you continue to gamble, try and remember others at this time. So, here’s how you can help others during COVID-19.

The ability of online casinos to offer a wide array of casino games, holding way more than the local brick and mortar casinos do, has made them a better option for Canadian players. They are able to enjoy numerous variations of blackjack, video poker, slots, lotteries, sports betting and even get to try their luck at live casino games. Lotteries can be used to portray the popularity of online gambling in Canada as 25% of the population takes part weekly in some form of lottery game. While sports betting is extremely popular here, it is not quite legal. This has however not stopped them from wagering over 15 billion dollars on sports event, pushing the federal government to consider legalization and regulation measures.

Online Casinos are also quite popular among Canadians as they make it quite easy to safely and legally enjoy a genuine casino experience from the confines of your home and the mobility of your preferred devices. They have also noted the industry’s ability to save them time and money that would otherwise be spent on parking and other amenities at a brick and mortar casino. The ever changing online casino scene is also becoming more user friendly and rewarding and is bound to grow to even greater heights of popularity in Canada.

Legal online gambling in Canada

In Canada, each province is allowed to regulate online gambling laws in its own way. Online Gambling in Canada used to be outlawed until recently.  This change two years ago has made it such that this industry can now thrive and Canadian players get to enjoy their favourite casino games from the comfort of their homes and mobile devices.  The gambling laws in this country come in two categories; the First Nations Law and the Provincial law. This means that online gambling is totally legal in Canada. The countries federal laws are designed in a manner to pass regulation of online gambling to each respective provincial or territorial government. Some local laws however are more restrictive in comparison to federal law. The Ontario Gaming Law and the City Bans on Gaming are prime examples of these restrictions.  Players from Ontario usually have a hard time placing bets in many online casinos. Some cities, like Markham, have also passed laws that ban web based gaming. It is thus necessary for players in Canada to understand the legal restrictions around gambling in their specific local areas before partaking in this fun and lucrative industry.

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Popular online casinos in Canada

Some of the 5 best online casinos in Canada this year include:

  • Casoola (Best Loyalty Programs)
  • Lucky Dino (amazing Selection of Games)
  • Betsafe ( Jackpot Games)
  • Queen Vegas (Best for low stake players)
  • Voodoo Dreams ( Online Slots)

Things you need to know as an online casino player in Canada

Legality and safety

In order to be operational in most places all over the world, an online casino has to obtain a license. Examples of such licensing authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority and The UK Gambling Commission. Online Gambling in Canada is legal and safe. Legality is guaranteed under the federal laws of the country. It may however vary depending on city bans, territorial and local laws. Player’s safety in Canada is assured for sites registered and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC). This assures players that their payment information is secure. Canadian players are encouraged to avoid unlicensed sites. A legit online casino should also use the latest in SSL Encryption to ensure the safety of client personal data and protect them from fraudulent activity.

User experience and reviews

User experience and reviews are a good way for players to determine the legitimacy of an online casino. In Canada many casino reviews have been done due to the popularity of online gambling. They give first-hand information on what the players liked and disliked about playing at a certain casino. They also contain complaints and grievances from disgruntled players which can be quite insightful. It is through this information that interested players can know the quality of services, safety, security, privacy and quality of game-play offered by a casino. They will also learn the dos and don’ts to help them get ahead. The basic rule of thumb when dealing with online casinos is to know your digital footprint and know how to control it.

Payment options

Understanding the available payment options in this region is a necessity before committing your hard earned money to any online casino. Legitimate online casinos strive to give their clients the best in payment options and pay-out times. This means that they will invest in a wide range of compatible and secure payment methods. Currently, this means casinos try as much as possible to employ payment methods that require very little delicate user payment details. This is done mainly to protect the clients’ payment options as it is not uncommon to hear of scams being run through online casinos where clients are asked for their private banking details and end up being stolen from. Players are advised to avoid casinos that require too much of your private details to avoid fraud and theft.

Benefits of online casinos to Canadian players

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  • Online Casinos have given new players an easy time when it comes to learning the game. New players are free of intimidation by seasoned players and biased houses looking to make their profits at all costs.
  • Playing at an online casino is guaranteed to save you time and money
  • Online casinos have high levels of player protection making them safe, secure and regulated for fairness.
  • Players are able to access online casinos from anywhere, anytime as long as they have compatible devices and a web browser
  • Most online casinos are free and offer bonuses and rewards to encourage game-play
  • Through online chat rooms, even introverts are able to socialise with people all over the globe
  • Online casinos are able to offer a huge array of gaming categories and variations for players to pick their best options from. This means that they have something for everyone


This fast growing industry has taken Canada by storm. Its popularity cannot be put to question and the income generated only goes to back this realization. The benefits of online casinos are vast and Canadian players have been quick to take advantage of these benefits. Even during this pandemic, statistics have shown that frequent gamblers are betting more with coronavirus. Thanks to this innovative industry, players in Canada can quickly, safely and securely enjoy their favourite casino games.

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