How Do Social Media And The Internet Make The World Bigger

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The social media and the widespread use of the internet are like the biggest novelties of the modern times. As the new-age technological wonders, these two aspects are the true game changers in people’s public and private lives. People depend on the social media and internet for almost every minor need of their lives, be it logging in at an online casino to play free slot games for fun or checking the latest posts of their favorite celebrities. Even the local and state governments depend on them for running smoothly. Furthermore, they have widened the prospects of conducting business without national or international boundaries.

As such, the list of functionalities and benefits of both social media and the internet is not exhaustive by any means. But, how are these technological innovations changing the world as we know it? Isn’t it making our world bigger and better in so many ways? Read on to find the answers for these questions. Let’s get right on to it!

The Growth and Spread of Social Media and Internet

Even if you go back by ten years, you would find that most people were not even aware of what social media means. And, the ones who knew about the presence of social media were very few in number. Cut to the process and the situation has changed completely. It would not have been possible for even Mark Zuckerberg to imagine that his Facebook would one day turn out to the most active and popular platform. And this happened within only a few years of Facebook’s initiation. It was launched in 2004, and by 2015, it had gathered more than one billion monthly users from varied parts of the world. The same thing happened with Twitter that has more than three hundred million users in a matter of a decade.

Such a response from the people was unexpected for even the founders of these two social media channels. A similar story can be told about the internet whose evolution would never fail to amaze you if you consider it closely. The first internet browser was developed by Tim Lee in October 1990, and when you think of it, the timeline isn’t that much of a long one. The internet has reached its present stage in a matter of thirty years. The evolution of the internet has been unstoppable and remarkable right from the start. The combination of these two widespread tools, i.e. the internet and social media, has made the world expand like never before. The world is truly bigger now in many aspects than what it was before the internet and social media became a part of our lives.

Is The World Getting Smaller Or Bigger?

The numerous benefits offered by the internet and the social media has also led to a sort of debate on whether the world is actually going bigger or smaller. Based on one school of thought both these things help in making the world a small place. The most prevalent argument in this regard pertains to free trade and globalization. The belief is that an increase in globalization and free trade has brought the world to our doorsteps and made it a smaller space. As per another school of thought, the technologies have turned the world into a bigger place. The part of the argument needs to be explored further. So, in here, let’s try to offer a detailed explanation on how this school of thought works and the ways in which social media and the internet turns the world bigger.

How Technology Makes the World a Bigger Place

Given below are the most noticeable ways in which technology makes this world a bigger place:

Unlimited Information

The vast amount of information that is available to people certainly makes the world a bigger place. And, social media and the internet have become the most sought-after mediums to gain information. Obtaining a bulk of information becomes easy with the support from the social media and internet. There is no denying that the volume of information is ever-expanding, and so is the world.

Virtual Communication

In the present times, people have highly limited social contact with one another. They have started embracing their virtual world that is advanced and maintained by the internet. You can consider social media as an interactive space in this regard. The smartphones, tabs, and personal computers are the ways through which the access is gained. But what about the times when the two worlds, i.e. the virtual and the actual, start running beside each other at the same time? They start merging into one another gradually. It sets up a bigger and better world order than what was thought possible by the previous generations.

Growth of Business through Communication

As mentioned earlier, a common line of thought is that the world is turning smaller due to the internet and social media. However, effective communication from the business perspective is also making the world into a bigger place. Nowadays, businesses can reach the farthest customers and employees thanks to the advancement of the internet and the ever-widening use of the social media platforms. The business can advertise their new products and offers on the internet, and reach out to the customers far and wide. Similarly, the increasing preference given to remote working has enabled the businesses to hire talents from far and wide. Even assessing the performance of the employees and formulating new plans to reach out to more people is the norm of the day for modern businesses.

Thus, the businesses in the modern times are global enterprises, whose periphery extends over the wider world in terms of buyers and workers. When you consider this fact, the growth of business through the effective communication enabled by the internet and social media has widened the world.

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The Physical Distance Aspect

Physical distance is not a problematic aspect anymore because of the various means of communication offered by the internet and social media. There was a time when you could only communicate, travel, or get to know about places within a particular boundary. When you thought about free casino slot games with bonus rounds, you only meant the land-based ones. However, thanks to the use of the internet and social media, those days have been left far behind. You can gather any information about the farthest places on the social media platforms and through the internet. In fact, you can get to know so much about the far-off places that it almost seems like you have known them all your life. People have turned into global citizens in this widening world.

Laying the Foundation for a New and Improved World Order

The idea of virtual reality or internet reality has created a considerable amount of distance, and at the same time, it has bridged the gap considerably as well. Thus, the growing interest towards social media has captured the attention of many social scientists and researchers. The social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are widely-known at present for the creation of thought centers. The thought centers are creative and imaginary fields focusing on fixed ideas. These fields are occupied by individuals who turn into their devoted defenders, and who uphold an almost staunch devotion to the maintenance of fixed ideas.

Let’s highlight this scenario further by citing the example of the US Presidential Elections during the year 2016. The followers who believed in Trump had conservative views regarding the government, immigration, faith, and so on. These were also the ideas that were upheld by the far-right political elements who believed in him from all over the globe. In a similar manner, the ones who believed in Clinton’s ideas had strong globalist and liberal views. Most of these views were sharply contradicting the ideas of the opposite camp. More people were joining these thought centers that spread through the internet and the social media. Thus, the American elections were no longer something that concerned the country, but also had the interest of the entire world.

The Expanding World of Social Media and Internet

Social media platforms allow you to get in touch with people all over the globe. The moment you open an account on any of the popular social media platforms, you gain access to more than one billion people with whom you get to connect, irrespective of the location. You get the opportunity to create a community or a network of individuals who share your views and interests. It allows you to share and discuss various ideas, ask more questions, and learn from the people who are sitting the farthest away from you. The relationship that you get to build in this way goes beyond any physical boundaries and traverses the world.

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The Bottom Line

More than making the world a bigger place or a smaller one, there is no denying that the internet has made the world a better place. It has improved communication and brought people closer in terms of ideas and thoughts. People have been empowered to think globally in terms of their professional aspirations, thoughts and planning, and general interactions.

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