How to Avoid Fake CBD Oil


CBD oil has become incredibly commonplace, even in places that used to be fervently against its use.

However, one big problem with CBD oil’s rising popularity is that there has been a concurrent rise in fake and untrustworthy products.

So, are there any tricks or tips for avoiding fake or poorly-made products? And how can consumers find real CBD products?

What Is Fake CBD Oil?

Fake CBD oil, or any phony cannabis product, is a general term to describe a product that is attempting to masquerade as CBD oil. Some companies might obscure a product’s ingredient contents or imply that it might have the same sort of potential therapeutic benefits that CBD oil could offer.

A typical example of this is hemp seed oil – while it certainly sounds like it should be the same thing as CBD oil, it isn’t. While both products are made from hemp plants, they couldn’t be more different. Hemp seed oil is an oil pressed from the hemp plants’ seeds and contains no cannabinoids whatsoever.

CBD oils, however, are extracted from the leaves and buds of the hemp plant. These products contain a myriad of hemp’s natural phytochemicals such as cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBG), terpenes, and flavonoids.

Despite this distinction, some companies still try to pass hemp seed oil off as CBD oil.

Why Is There So Much Fake CBD Oil?

It might seem strange for those newly interested in CBD to see so many fake products masquerading as CBD oil on the market.

However, it actually makes a lot of sense. There is a considerable amount of money to be made misleading potential customers.

CBD oil can sometimes be incredibly expensive, primarily because of the high manufacturing cost and the difficulties producers have in finding legal markets to sell their products.

Hemp seed oil, and many other commonly mis-sold fake CBD oil products, are comparatively cheaper. This means unscrupulous producers of imitation hemp products can make a lot of money by misleading consumers.

Since there are so many fake products out there, how easy is it to find authentic, high-quality CBD oils? And what steps can you take to avoid getting ripped off?

How To Only Get Real CBD Oil

While it would certainly be preferable to have an instant method to tell good CBD oil from fake products, the only real answer is rigorous research.

This means vetting and verifying every single CBD product you come across, both to test its validity and that it actually contains CBD oil.

Some companies make this pretty easy, as they provide accompanying lab reports for their products. These lab reports provide all of the data regarding the chemical composition of their products and make it incredibly easy for customers to see the contents of their oils.

Unfortunately, not every CBD brand offers this; this can make it challenging to figure out what is being sold.

The next best solution is to check the reviews, both on the product page itself and on independent websites like Trustpilot. The trouble with product reviews on their main page is that they can sometimes be biased, which is harder to do with independent review sites.

It can be a lot of work, especially if consumers aren’t familiar with all the industry-specific terminology and scientific names, but it is essential.

Final Thoughts On How to Avoid Fake CBD Oil

Ultimately, individual users need to take extra care in ensuring that whatever they are buying actually contains what they are looking for.

This is an excellent tenet to keep to when buying anything. Still, when it comes to the largely unregulated wild west of the world of cannabis products, this applies even more so.

If a product doesn’t seem like it is worthwhile or somehow is hiding details of its ingredients, then move on to the next one. Consumers might end up having to pay more to get the good stuff, but trust us, it is worth it.

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